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Loving Baguio


Baguio and I are not what we used to be, God knows. We’re both showing evidence of progressive abuse and neglect—denudation, for one thing. And for one who has lived as long as I, it’s definitely no small consolation that Baguio, as I, if I may carry on with the comparison, has remained loved.

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Second chances under the pines

The pine trees in Baguio City are like national treasures. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

The pines of Baguio are like family. They have been steady through the seasons and through the ups and downs of life.

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I must have ‘killed’ more than two dozen pine tree seedlings

A CANDLE which is actually the new shoot that has to be pinched off if you don’t want the plant to become lanky.

Pine trees are lovely to look at, but are delicate to handle. With the raging controversy over the balling of pine trees by SM in Baguio City, I could not help but put in my two cents worth.

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