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Exquisite roast, impeccable service

This restaurant was the place for fine dining when it opened decades ago. It has kept its reputation through the decades and still caters to those who want a truly exquisite roast, among others, and impeccable service.

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Partying with big, strong men in tuxedos–dee-lightful!


My days and nights have been squeezed by early-morning fitness training and late-night socializing. Keeping a balanced lifestyle is a charmed talent I have mastered, chiefly around the skill of sleeping less.

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Mediterranean-style ‘tilapia’ fillet


Perhaps this is what some would jokingly call sosyal na tilapia, or tilapia for society’s upper crust. Cut into fillets, stuffed with olive tapenade and served on a pool of tomato sauce that’s been infused with wine and saffron, it’s a far, far cry from inihaw na tilapia or some such dish.

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‘Torrijas’–Spain’s version of the French toast

Torrijas and Almond Ice Cream

Glancing at the plate of Jamon Iberico, sausages and goat cheese being served at Hotel InterContinental’s Prince Albert Rotisserie, I was reminded of my journeys in Spain, where eating was as much a part of the trip as were the magnificent landscapes and the age-old churches.

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Sardinia: Fresh seafood and the Pecorino cheese Frank Sinatra lusted for


By the time they were serving the first course in Hotel InterContinental’s Prince Albert Rotisserie, my dining companions and I were all dreaming of going to Sardinia. Which was understandable, considering the way Italian wine expert, Fabrizio Mennella Carcangiu of Mennella Group Italy, had just described his hometown.

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