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Mental potency and the potentials of male multivitamins

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Notice how sometimes you tend to forget even the most trivial of things, like where you left your glasses or mobile phone? Gradually, this escalates to forgetting important stuff like birthdays, anniversaries, and important passwords needed to login to your online accounts.

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The endurance lifestyle

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Have you ever visualized joining triathlons? Dreamed of pushing yourself to the limits by experiencing extreme sports? We only live once so why not take the chance and enjoy what life can offer? One of the greatest challenges one can face in a lifetime is joining extreme sports.   For some, a glorious finish at […]

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Vitality and living a youthful life

Famous scientist Charles Darwin presented a strong statement to the world when he said that it is not the strongest or the most intelligent of species that will survive but those who can adapt to changes.

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Rogin-E makes men feel like bosses at FHM 100 sexiest victory party


Rogin-E, the ultimate man’s vitamin, took center stage in the FHM 100 sexiest victory party held recently at the World Trade Center.

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