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Comfort food, the Ilocano way

RUFINO’S Longanisa Pizza

Pinakbet pizza is old news. So is bagnet (deep-fried pork) and dinardaraan (dinuguan, blood stew) pizza. Those are served in many Ilocano eateries today, possibly confusing foreign tourists who may think that they landed in a lost town of Italy.

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Mad about movies

THE IDEAL in prewar years, built by Pablo Antonio Sr.,National Artist for Architecture, himself an in-law

One of the best things about growing up Roces was having our own cinema, the Ideal, exclusive Philippine exhibitors of MGM (Metro Goldwyn Mayer) movies. Among the thrills it gave me and my cousins, aside from the obvious one of getting to watch movies for free, was meeting the likes of Charlton Heston, the epic star (“The Ten Commandments,” “Ben-Hur”), and the debonair Ricardo Montalban. They were friends and occasional house guests of uncle Marcos Vidal Roces, who himself rivaled them in looks.

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