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Impy Pilapil’s ‘Third Moon’: Sculptures of exuberant and lyrical playfulness


The marvel of the entire body of work of Impy Pilapil through over four decades is the consistency and sureness of direction, unwavering in the course that she was impelled to follow, untrammeled by sculptural styles and trends that have waylaid less determined sculptors in search of goals irrelevant to the pursuit of their art.

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The architecture of socialist realism


Each civilization expresses itself through language, ideas, and cultural individuality, and architecture is one among the many expressions of diverse cultural realities.

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‘Ten Masters’ toasts Ricco Renzo’s 10th anniversary

“BLUE Room,” by Ramon Isidro

Ricco Renzo Gallery will celebrate its 10th anniversary with “Ten Masters,” an exhibition of recent works by some of the country’s veteran painters and sculptors. The show opens Aug. 22.

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Francisco Verano’s paintings and sculptures introduced to new generation of art-lovers

“FLOATING Fragments”

Francisco M. Verano unveils his latest abstract works on canvas along with older sculptures and paintings dating back to 1959, in the new show “Fragmentos,” opening June 20 at VMeme Contemporary Art Gallery.   Verano has been well known for his figurative landscape paintings and sculptures made of unconventional and indigenous materials (i.e. “Bamboo Fugue” […]

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Jerry Araos, artist who ‘competed with bakeries’ for his wood sculptures; 68


Artist Jerusalino “Jerry” V. Araos passed away on Dec. 23. He was 68.

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