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What I want to be when I’m older

“THIS is no costume party, this is for real!”

Presuming, of course, there’s time yet to be anything other than older, I do have some thoughts about what I’ll be then. They’re really not so much about becoming something or someone else as about going out in some style, with an image to be remembered by.

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Now’s the time to enjoy the hoards


I finally opened the last pack of three “Barely There” underwear I had bought in 2010 in the US; I didn’t really know what I had been saving them for, but I do remember how good they felt—smooth, weightless, snug.

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Senior citizen wants to marry 17-year-old GF, but grownup offspring are opposed


Nine years ago, my wife died of cancer. I was 51. During the nine-year period that I was a widower, 13 women came into my life and disappeared one by one. During the same period, my eldest son entered the seminary. In April this year, he was ordained.

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Taking care of me


The time has come to “take care of me.” Financial guru Suze Orman used the phrase to set the focus of senior priorities, and I have to admit the idea feels strangely new, and rather daunting—definitely more daunting than all the care-giving I’ve been doing as mother to four children, grandmother to five grandchildren, and an only daughter to parents who lived to 85 and 91. In fact, it’s the last experience that has drawn me to the idea of taking care of me.

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Facebook and memories


Before I wrote the first line of this article, I posted a cartoon of a writer using pen and paper and, below it, my comment: I am not writing “War and Peace” today. Only “War and Facebook” for Chit R.

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