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Is the Kama Sutra indecent?


This newspaper’s Oct. 27 issue carried a front-page story about a recently opened exhibit in Paris of the classic Indian book “Kama Sutra,” which depicts different positions of sexual intercourse in full detail.

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Party guests toast to ‘more sex’ in their lives


Look at your life and know that it is a colorful one. You feel the ever-changing circumstances always moving toward your highest good. From within you, a white light radiates. Know that it is the God within you. Know that it is the Divine light.

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No sex please, you’re students—Zimbabwe university

kissing in the park

The Zimbabwe students’ union on Thursday made war not love over a new code of conduct banning students from kissing on campus at the country’s top university.

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Sex? It all started 385 million years ago

It may not have been love as we know it, but around 385 million years ago, our very distant ancestors – armored fish called placoderms – developed the art of intercourse.

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Chic-lit work is witty, occasionally kinky


You wouldn’t expect anything good to come out of a hook-up between a hot drunk girl and a hot drunk guy, especially if neither of them remembers details of their night together.

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