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Husband compiles wife’s excuses for refusing to have sex with him


A sexually frustrated husband compiled in an Excel spreadsheet the excuses of his wife every time he asked to have sex with her.

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Japan bans child porn, but excludes manga, anime

A woman looks at piles of mangas  AFP FILE PHOTO

Japan’s parliament has passed a law which bans possession of child pornography, but excludes sexually explicit comics, animation and computer graphics.

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Canadian sues hospital for shortening penis in botched surgery


A Canadian man is suing a Montreal area hospital over a botched surgery that left his penis one inch shorter, claiming it ruined his sex life and his marriage, media said Friday.

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Accepted–but not quite: LGBT youth speak


“I feel misunderstood and alone, to put it simply,” 20-year-old Youngblood says. “People talk of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) as if we were a different species, as if our sexuality was the only thing that defined us.

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One in three Filipino youth had sex before marriage – study

National Youth Commission website screengrab

One in every three Filipino teenagers has engaged in premarital sex, the National Youth Commission head said, citing a study.

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