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Reportage on sex

“COME Down, Eve, and Give Me a Bite of That Fruit!” ART BY GCF (2013)

There could be no more opportune time for this article than now. The cover-up of child molestation and abuse charges against the clergy, the pope’s resignation over impending international charges, the One Billion Rising against women’s abuse have made it so relevant.

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Convent-school innocence


I don’t know what generation you belong to, but not too long ago, no kind of sex information was ever given to grade school children. Or later.

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Soda-soap mix as contraceptives? Experts are alarmed

Young Filipinos have been resorting to a concoction of detergent or bath soap plus cola drink, which they consume after engaging in premarital sex because they believe that the mixture can prevent the transmission of sexually-transmitted infections, a doctor revealed in this year’s national school health and nutrition congress here.

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