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These spa treatments are perfect for summer

SEAWEED body wrap can help detoxify and make skin look more supple and slimmer.

With various services offered by spas, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, and sometimes confused, over which one best suits you.

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FDA keeps eye on spas, wellness centers

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering regulating spas and wellness clinics after finding that some of these establishments were using unlicensed or unregistered cosmetic products or were engaging in nonapproved treatments.

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Why a spa has become a modern-day necessity

THERAPISTS have undergone accreditation and intense training to ensure safe and top-quality service.

Once an indulgence set aside for an occasion or for people with fat wallets, the spa has become a necessity or a means to de-stress. Spas today have evolved from pampering centers to proponents of health and fitness.

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The rise of the medi-spa


The spa and wellness industry continues to evolve with each passing year.

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Spa treatment promo for luxury-watch buyers

SLEEP bracelet

For its last-quarter health and wellness promotion, the Zen Institute, one of the country’s reputable medical spas, announces its partnership with Philip Stein, a luxury watch and accessories brand.

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