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Stem cells, juicing, Piloxing, triathlon, workout apps–health and wellness on overdrive


It was the year stem cell therapy became a household name.

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Q&A on the science of growing hamburger in the laboratory

A new Cultured Beef Burger made from cultured beef grown in a laboratory from stem cells of cattle, is held by the man who developed the burger, Professor Mark Post of Netherland's Maastricht University, during the world's first public tasting event for the food product in London, Monday, Aug. 5, 2013. AP

At a public tasting in London on Monday, Dutch scientists served a single hamburger made from cow stem cells. Some questions and answers about the science behind the revolutionary patty, how it could help combat climate change and what it actually tastes like.

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Can you drink stem cells?

STEM cell nutritional supplement

Stem cells you can ingest? Not exactly. But this supplement claims it can increase the number of circulating adult stem cells in your body by up to four million. You simply take three capsules a day.

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Doctors warn public not to touch ‘Soup No. 7’

In this Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012 photo provided by the University of Miami, Dr. Joshua M. Hare, director of the Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute, performs a heart biopsy, a preliminary step in one of several cardiac stem cell trials at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. Researchers are reporting key advances using stem cells to fix weakened, damaged hearts. In one study, bone marrow cells donated by unrelated strangers helped repair hearts, suggesting that cells could be banked for off-the-shelf use in patients after heart attacks the way blood is banked now. AP FILE PHOTO

A new broth called Soup No. 7 promises to improve one’s sexual appetite.

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Body fat good source of stem cells, say doctors

Health Secretary Enrique Ona: When losers are winners. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

Health buffs may abhor body fat but it is actually a good source for stem cells that can be used to help treat diseases ranging from athritis, diabetes, or even HIV/AIDS in the future, according to a stem cell expert.

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