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Why Uber matters

UBER is so convenient and
safe that it has amassed
loyal and vocal fans willing
to defend the service.

We’re afraid of cabs, and it’s not an irrational fear. Two years ago, someone we know was robbed and assaulted in a cab on her way home. Just a few months ago, another friend was robbed and assaulted while in a cab, while two others were held at knifepoint riding a jeepney in two separate occasions.

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How to Uber like a pro

Uber X refers to vehicles that are more affordable, while Uber Black are luxury cars. Rates differ for both as Uber Black charges higher than X.

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A resident’s guide to binge weekends in Singapore

THENIGHT time view of the
Central Business District from
Marina Bay Sands

More and more Filipinos are making Singapore their long-weekend-away choice destination, thanks to its relative proximity, the vast eating and shopping choices it offers, and more recently and more importantly, the number of budget airlines that now fly to the Lion City.

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No good night’s sleep for Metro Manilans


It seems Metro Manilans are at risk from public utility vehicles not just on the road, where drivers behave like they are car racers trying to qualify for the Grand Prix.

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Many streets are now outdoor parking lots


A bill has been filed in Congress that will require a prospective car buyer to have a garage before he/she is allowed to own a vehicle.

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