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Keep yourself and your body busy to maintain current weight, lose excess pounds

WALKING is the most doable form of exercise FITNESSFORMOMMIES.NET

You can lose 10, 20 or 50 pounds after several months of making continuous efforts in your weight-management program. But you may still have a hard time maintaining your weight loss, especially if you did not start your program with the physical activity component.

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Beware of fraudulent Cohen diet programs


It started with cooking classes offering recipes for Cohen dieters. The Cohen program is a customized weight-loss program based on the individual’s blood profile. As such, the diet has restrictions.

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Our biggest losers of 2013

Precious Lara Quigaman

Losing weight is perhaps one of the most difficult personal goals to achieve for most people. The long days and nights of deprivation are enough to drive anyone crawling helplessly back to the fridge. Because no matter the marketing campaigns of diets that are supposed to make you feel full the entire day, the truth is you will feel devastatingly famished, deprived and eventually cranky.

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Why juicing is the way to go for weight loss and overall health

JUICING is the new way to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Juicing has gone far beyond the days of just good old orange or apple juice. Today, a combination of fruits and vegetables is preferred for juicing. These mixtures are richer in nutrients and provide a more complete range of vitamins, minerals and co-factors (enzymes, phytochemicals, chlorophyll) in balanced dosages that only nature can produce.

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The most effective ways to burn calories


Are you getting confused between burning calories and losing weight?

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