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Learn something new about wellness today


As in the most ideal of diets, small, measured but frequent portions are recommended to keep your body energy up but your weight under control.

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Healthy eating tips in a season of abundance

PORRIDGE ingredients: 1) Astragalus membranaceus–Astragalus roots; 2) red
dates–hong zao; 3) Lycii fructus–wolfberry fruit; 4) Coicis semen–coix seed or Job’s
tears seed; 5) Nelumbinis semen–lotus seed; 6) wild yam–huai shan; 7) Euryales
semen–euryale seed

A few months back Angelo Songco, the owner of Sugarleaf (a wellness café and health food store) sent me an invite to a cancer talk. One thing led to another and, before I knew it, I was in correspondence with Edward Puno, Fuda Cancer Hospital coordinator for the Philippines.

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The rule of 5


If there are Ten Commandments for living a righteous life, then there are also rules for living a wellness lifestyle. Serving as guidelines for ensuring a healthy body, balanced mind and enlightened spirit is The Rule of 5.

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Sexy by Christmas


There are easy and challenging ways to lose weight in time for the holidays without compromising your lifestyle. But to be successful, one’s priorities will have to change.

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Skin-deep and deeper healing


I’m bravest at the dermatologist’s than in any other clinic, which doesn’t say much, really, for a coward like me—it’s not there, after all, that one gets real bad news or suffers real pain. In fact, a refill of an old prescription is usually all I need.

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