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‘Salpicao’ with foie gras, ‘xiao long bao,’ Benguet strawberry and cream cheese–it’s time for new favorites

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BREAD pudding served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream at Shine Bakery

SM Aura Premier is the mall almost everyone wants to check out. Many of its restaurants are the first of their kind, so gourmands can cherry-pick their favorites.

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Does the city need another Chinese resto serving ‘xiao long bao’? Yes


There was a time, believe it or not, when the xiao long bao was fairly unknown outside China, and the few who tried to replicate it ended up with a forlorn, limp sac of dough bunched up around a meatball. The difference between that and this Shanghainese delicacy in all its glory is the subtle, cunning art of enclosing a mouthful of stock along with the minced pork in a wrapper that is thin yet elastic, so that it all bursts when bitten in a glorious draught of molten flavor.

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Prestigious Italian cooking school opens in Manila


I was an eager 20-year-old young woman learning the ropes as a lifestyle segment producer, but even sooner getting jaded and bored. So my then-boss at GMA Network Inc, Joel Jimenez, wrote me a note I will never forget: “Never lose your sense of awe.”

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An ‘X-Treme X-perience’ in a small restaurant in Hong Kong


The pundits have spoken: Molecular gastronomy is waning, its death knell sounded by the doors closing on Ferran Adria’s landmark restaurant El Bulli in Spain. If that’s true then I’ll miss it, if only because it was even easier to poke fun at than nouvelle cuisine. Molecular gastronomy took artsy fartsy eating to a new […]

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