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These underprivileged youth are now guardians of history

DECORATIVE wood pillars show the collaborative effort of students in wood
carving, electrical works and grill works. PHOTOS BY TATS MANAHAN

Ramon, Paulo and Josie are three of the 52 recent graduates of Escuela Taller (Escuela), the conservation and restoration workshop for underprivileged youth sponsored by the Spanish government; they finished 18 months of training on masonry, carpentry, painting, plumbing and electrical and metal works.

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School opening blues? Get those As and enjoy young, stress-free skin

washing face-stock photo 2

With school opening comes stress caused by never ending homeworks, projects and exams. And the first to feel the pressure is your young skin as it absorbs or rather breaks out into dreaded acne.

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The youth react to President Aquino’s Sona


As we look around the Philippines, we are always plagued with negative thoughts. We complain about traffic, poverty, pollution and corruption. We bring these destructive thoughts with us wherever we go, and become a part of us.

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Can stem cells really restore your youthful looks?


When an aging Hollywood action star or sex symbol reemerges after a long hiatus looking younger, with a great body and smoother, firmer facial skin, people now assume they have undergone stem cell therapy.   In my interview with doctors Eric and Anna Yalung of Regenestem Manila, they set me straight. While the actor/actress may [...]

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Accepted–but not quite: LGBT youth speak


“I feel misunderstood and alone, to put it simply,” 20-year-old Youngblood says. “People talk of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) as if we were a different species, as if our sexuality was the only thing that defined us.

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