Part 3

ANOTHER FREQUENTLY asked question is this: ?Is it possible for me to die while I?m out of my body??

Of course, yes. It is possible for you to die while out of your body, just as it is possible for you to die while crossing the street.

The point is that, it is not your being out of your body that causes death, but only when the silver cord is severed or broken. The silver cord is an elastic band of etheric substance that connects our astral body with our physical body, like an umbilical cord. It is the silver cord that animates the physical body while the astral counterpart is out. It is also the silver cord that warns us if there is some danger that may happen to the physical body. The silver cord cannot be cut physically because it is made up of nonphysical substance. It is called ?astral cord.? The reason it is often called ?silver cord? is the fact that it is silvery as seen by clairvoyants.

Not everybody, however, sees the silver cord when he or she is out of the body. I am one of those who don?t. However, it does not mean it is not there.

?Is it possible for one to be possessed by a spirit while out of the body?? Yes, it is possible but it is unlikely to happen when you go out of your body naturally and unintentionally. Possession can happen if you are in a place where there are evil or negative spirits around, or if you are mentally or emotionally negative. That?s why it is not safe to attempt to go out of your body in a haunted house or when you are negative.

However, most spontaneous astral projections are safe. You must remember that there is protection given to us while we are out of our bodies. There are the angelic creatures and also our spirit guides that are always ready to protect us. There are also benign astral beings who will help us if we get into trouble.

Nightmare death

?Is there a connection between bangungot (or nightmare deaths) and astral projection??

At first glance, there doesn?t seem to be a connection between them. Philippine medical researchers have theorized that bangungot is caused by ?acute pancreatitis? due to eating too much rice or carbohydrate-rich food before sleeping. This is not always true. Although there were indeed a good number of cases where bangungot was associated with acute pancreatitis, there were also cases where no pancreatitis was found and the victim had not eaten too much rice before sleeping.

Another curious fact is that only Filipinos, and to a lesser extent Indonesians, seem to suffer from bangungot. Why not other rice-eating people? How come they don?t suffer from this dreaded killer? We don?t have a definite answer to this question.

But I have a theory why bangungot happens. And this is only a theory which requires further study or validation. I believe bangungot happens when a person goes out of his body in his sleep and strays or is lured into the lower astral planes, which some call the ?phantasmagoric plane.? In this plane are negative, monster-like spirits that are always on the lookout for astral bodies that stray into their realm. They grab these astral bodies and won?t let them go. So the person dies moaning and struggling to get out.

People who sleep with somebody who died of bangungot have reported that before the victim expires, he is heard moaning or struggling, as if fighting someone. If not roused from sleep on time, the person dies. This lower astral plane may be likened to what Christians call ?hell.?

But in general, astral projection is perfectly natural and safe.

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