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OCTOBER 27, 2022

No matter what highs and lows life may send our way, there is a limitless part of who we are as human beings.


Let us rediscover who he/she is.


Lesson no. 1


If you are not conscious, careful or caring about what is happening to you, within you, for you in this present moment, then you do not have the power of awareness.


Practice: Focus on yourself.


Become conscious of who you are and what you are thinking. Connect with your body. Be in touch with your feelings. When you accomplish this by giving yourself a little time for reflection, your mind and heart will reach a higher level of understanding. This is called staying in touch.


Example: When you are fixated on the loss of a loved one, passing that exam, starting a business or a new relationship, there is a tendency to get lost or absorbed by your object of fixation. You could get swept away by fear, sorrow, anxiety, jealousy, pain, joy. When this happens your awareness is out of focus.


This, because you forget who, why and where you are. To be aware of everything in a wholistic manner puts you behind the steering wheel. You are centered. You are beyond emotional involvement because you have achieved emotional awareness.


Lesson no. 2—The bridge


This visualization is so powerful because it so graphically illustrates your ability to step outside of yourself and into a level of detachment where no emotion can affect you.


Every time you feel overwhelmed by emotional pain and this includes anger, greed, vengefulness and sadness, draw a mental picture of a bridge. If at first you find yourself carried away by the river of your turbulent feelings, climb out of the water, seek higher ground and get on the bridge. Looking down, you see the river of your emotions. Watch now. You are an observer. Allow the waters to flow.


By detaching yourself from your emotions you prevent possession.


By being aware of your emotions and at the same time alert to what is occurring outside of you, you step into the present moment.


By this time you already know that your life and the sum total of your experiences contribute to who you are, at this moment. And the illuminating reality of it all is that, yes, this is where you are meant to be. And it’s all ok.


Creating harmony


Never take anything personally. If you do, you won’t have any friends, allies or supporters left.


Know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And so are you. There may be disagreement over issues but the bottom line is clear—you are right and so is the other person.


Whenever there is a raging controversy in your life, remember that the test is all about your chance to transcend. For every circumstance, the challenge is not to change others but to change yourself. Isn’t this empowering?


Fearless explorer


When you no longer look at others and see how you can change them, you are asking yourself only one question: How can I change myself in order to transcend my circumstances? Instead of focusing on who or what or how anyone or anything causes you grief, you focus on your own experience. And then you move on.


At the onset of anger, disappointment and fear, stop yourself from doing anything.


It may be challenging but it can be done. The moment you interrupt the flow of destructive emotions or thoughts from taking over your present moment, you switch channels. Thus from self-destruct to self-construct, you channel the full force of that very same energy into your higher consciousness.


Today’s affirmation: “I run toward life, not away from it.”


Love and light!




Reference: Gary Zukav and Linda Francis “The Heart of the Soul”

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