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“TEE” REX graphic shirt by Jean-MichelBasquiat

Korean fashion brand opens second store in Megamall

“TEE” REX graphic shirt by Jean-Michel Basquiat

Living up to its philosophy of reinventing fashion staples, Basic House puts a fresh and preppy spin on everyday wear.


The brand has always stood by its classic and simple aesthetic while reinforcing global trends every season to create fresh and contemporary collections that can be worn time and again.


Basic House is best known for balancing fashion and comfort, working with versatile but comfortable fabrics for its tees, polo shirts, chinos, blazers, cardigans, jackets and knitwear.


For its latest collection, Basic House comes out with fresh variations of the brand’s classic looks, and dabbles in cool and bright colors for a summer palette that’s perfect for the warm weather. Patterns and graphics are pared down to retain the brand’s simplicity, sticking to basic stripes, paisleys and a lot of soft pastels.


Sleek, clean and contemporary, Basic House’s timeless pieces do not only capture the essence of Korean fashion, but also blend well with different personal styles.

ALWAYS a necessity—the basic shirt, available in berry colors


Photography: Gerry Robinson

Styling: Luis Carlo San Juan

Model: Min Joon So

Grooming: Sari Campos

Hairstyle: Mark Familara