Husband cheats–and puts proof of it on Facebook | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022



My husband is in Qatar right now, and I’ve learned that he is having an affair with his office mate and that they’re living together. I saw their pictures on Facebook and I felt horrible.


When I called him to ask what’s happening, he admitted his affair, saying he doesn’t love me any more and that I should have my own life without him.  He also said he is not worthy of my love for him.


I told him to remove those photographs from Facebook because my son is too young to see his immorality. But the pictures are still there until now, and I don’t know what to do.



I can only marvel at how you and your husband are conducting your family issues in a networking site. For heaven’s sake, Facebook?


Granting that he is being this creep proclaiming his adultery to the whole world, must you join in the fray? You, of course, are grasping at straws, hoping to pin him down and save your marriage. Must you have to drag your young son and make him the lame excuse for removing their photos in this blatant display of indiscretion?


If you want to play his game, do it his way. Prove to him what a serious wife and mother you are. Slap him with a legal suit and use his Facebook announcements to back you up.


Or, do what he’s asking you to do and have your own life. That is the easier and less bloody way of handling an immature man. Let him bask in his newfound single life and pursue his own life.


You have a son to look after and nurture well into maturity so as not to have a mini-me of his irresponsible father. Stop depending on him for love or money. You can find both on your own.


Unburden yourself of this yoke. You were given another lease on life by this ersatz husband of yours. Grab it and run free with it.


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