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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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My name is Cindy. I have a problem with pimple marks. Actually, it’s the red mark left after a cystic pimple. When I was in college, I had no pimples but now that I’m 27 years old, I’m experiencing huge zits. Please advise what products can remove the marks. Currently I’m taking vitamin E and C. Will any other supplement help? Or can you recommend a cream that can whiten the pimple marks? Many thanks.




Having to deal with pimples at an age when you’re supposed to have outgrown them can be stressful. As much as I would like to write you off as a late bloomer, that’s not exactly how it works.


It’s true that breakouts can be attributed to raging hormones in your teens, but like you, not everyone gets it at this time. In addition, some people experience these skin problems well into their 30s and 40s—you must know that you are not alone in this.


However, there is something a little weird with getting pimples at this age when you weren’t really prone to them in your teens. I get breakouts once in a while, and when this happens, I apply the process of elimination to my skincare regimen, lifestyle and overall health.


Observing the changes you’ve made since getting the pimples will most likely help. It could be a skincare product you’ve tried using, a certain kind of food you’re eating more of, not getting enough sleep or even dealing with stress.


I suggest you consult a dermatologist so you can figure out the cause of your breakouts. This is smart, because your doctor can also recommend a skincare plan to help you minimize the occurrence (especially if the pimples are severe).


Once you’ve gotten the breakouts under control, you can now concentrate on lightening the marks left. Pimple marks come in many different forms and can stay on skin for weeks, months or even years.


Usually the longer the scar has been on your skin, the more difficult it will be to erase. Not to worry though, because most marks disappear over time, and there are many ways to speed up this process.


Get a spot-lightening cream. I like that you’re taking vitamins for your skin. Regularly taking this gives your skin a glow from the inside out, and vitamin C helps skin heal faster.


Another thing that’s effective: applying Vitamin C on your skin. Finding a spot lightening cream that’s formulated with powerful Vitamin C can mean pimple marks disappearing faster than usual. Just read the label and compare skin care products to find one that’s potent.


Other ingredients to look for in your product: licorice extract, niacinamide and azelaic acid. These have great whitening properties that work by interrupting skin’s melanin production.


Try getting a chemical peel. Start off with a mild, plant-based one. I tried this a few times before and my dermatologist told me I could graduate to a more potent one in time, or when she feels my face needs it.


So definitely, I recommend you ask your dermatologist about this so you get the proper treatment.


The ones I tried before were alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) and glycolic acid. These helped renew skin by sloughing off dead skin cells. It helps reduce scars with regular use.


Opt for a laser treatment. It’s hard to miss the impressive array of machines at your dermatologist’s office. Most of these use laser technology and can do wonders ranging from tightening to changing the texture or surface of your skin.


I think it is a waste not to use such effective technology. The only downside I can think of is price, which can be a little steep. But this is something that’s well worth it when you’ve tried everything.


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