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OCTOBER 27, 2022

LUNCH at Ultimate Detox atNeo Spa by Nadine Tengco
LUNCH at Ultimate Detox atNeo Spa by Nadine Tengco

It is all about incorporating healthy choices to your lifestyle


“I always feel bloated and unhealthy. What treatment can I try to help reduce this? I am 32 years old.”—Gemma Castro


Truth be told, I know exactly how you feel. It is different for every person, but for most, metabolism slows down, water retention becomes more prevalent, and “unhealthy” feelings like lethargy and fatigue creep up more often than before.


Taking extra steps to eat right and exercise is the best solution. I find that switching my usual order of fried foods with a light salad offers immediate results. I feel a sudden burst of energy; just as an hour of dance class or Bikram yoga will keep me happy and active throughout the day.


It is all about incorporating healthy choices to your lifestyle. I know, it is easier said than done. But what I found out is that if you really want to change, you will find ways to do it. You can live a healthier lifestyle even if you’re busy.


Try these tips and see for yourself how much happier and energized you’ll feel just after a few days:


Prepare packed lunch and snacks. One thing I recently learned to love is cooking my own meals. Sure, it is fun to eat out, but there’s nothing like preparing your own food. You know exactly what goes into your meals, and you can control how much fat or oil goes into it.


Not only that, things we want to avoid like preservatives, excess sodium can be cut out of our diet.


Snacks are especially important. Bringing your own selection of fresh fruit and yogurt makes a huge difference as compared to grabbing a bag of chips. You want to say no to empty calories!


Sign up for an exercise class you actually like. We have so many options these days—exercise doesn’t have to be as boring as lifting weights at the gym or running on a treadmill.


There are classes that focus on stretching, such as Barre, yoga and Pilates; as well as high-energy exercises such as CrossFit and Kangoo Jumps. If you like the outdoors, you can try biking or running with your dog.


You can have fun with exercising, especially if you are able to convince your friends or family to do it with you.


Exercise at work


Find ways to exercise at work. Yes, you can still find ways to exercise even if work keeps you chained to your desk the whole day. Using the stairs instead of the elevator is always a good option (you can wear sneakers first, then change to your heels when you get to your desk), as well as brisk walking during breaks and en route to meetings.


My yoga teacher once recommended that I use an exercise ball instead of my chair when I am writing at home. I find it to be a good way to maintain my posture and keep my balance.


Keep yourself hydrated. Many people don’t drink enough water every day. I can’t stress enough how important water is to our health—we need it to live, and not drinking the right amount can lead to numerous health problems. Drinking the recommended eight glasses a day is a must.




Try a detox program. Detoxification is the process of removing toxins from the body. This usually requires a strict diet of healthy foods that rid the body of harmful toxins stored in major organs, such as the liver and stomach. Doing this every so often is beneficial, as it flushes away free radicals and strengthens the body’s immune system.


Try the Ultimate Detox at Neo Day Spa for P21,000—a three-day plan that includes deliveries of vegan meals to gently begin and end your detox experience. Meals are specially prepared by Nadine Tengco of The Sexy Chef, consisting of breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks in between.


The second day is a spa day where you escape for the whole day (treatment is approximately six hours) at Neo Day Spa. You undergo detoxifying body treatments (like Seaweed Wrap, Coffee Colonic and Lymphatic Massage) while being served phytonutrient-dense detox juices. The spa-day experience is designed to assist in the detoxification process, banish belly bloat and restore skin’s luster.


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