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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Debbie, a radio listener of mine, texted me the following intriguing questions:


“Is it really possible for a person to teleport? If yes, is there someone who has actually done it?”


The answer to both questions is, yes. But before I give some details, let’s define what we are talking about here.


Teleportation is the process or the ability to suddenly disappear from a given place or locality and immediately appear somewhere else, sometimes at a great distance.


Teleportation should not be confused with “bilocation,” which means “being in two places at the same time.”


Is there anybody who has been able to teleport himself to another place? As I said, the answer is, yes. The following are only two examples of this phenomenon.


Recorded case


In the 16th century, a Filipino guardia civil (the former name of the police constabulary during the Spanish period), who was supposed to be guarding the governor general’s palace in Manila, suddenly appeared outside the palace in Mexico City wearing the uniform of the Philippine Guardia Civil.


When confronted by the Mexican soldiers, he said he was a guard in the governor general’s palace in Manila, but suddenly found himself in Mexico City without knowing how or why it happened. He said the governor general was assassinated the previous day. He was brought to the priest and was declared possessed by the devil and imprisoned.


Two months later, a galleon ship from Manila arrived in Mexico carrying a Philippine government official who recognized the guardia civil and confirmed his story that the governor general was assassinated. He was freed and brought back to the Philippines via the return trip of the galleon ship. It is said that this story is recorded in Church history.




Another case involved a high school student of a Catholic school south of Manila. She was one of those reportedly possessed by elementals that got angry because the school authorities planned to build a college building where the entrance to the kingdom of the elementals was located.


The students had earlier been warned by the elementals to tell the priests not to go ahead with the plan. When this was ignored and the foundation of the building was started, five students (three male and two female), were possessed. They acted like they were in a trance, and were hysterical. The priests were alarmed and didn’t know what to do. The possessing spirits did not leave them despite the fact that the students were wearing a Saint Benedict medal, which was supposed to protect them from demonic possession.


The priests decided to bring the five students to the chapel to pray, accompanied by their parents. When they entered the chapel, one of the female students, let’s call her Teresa, disappeared and was nowhere to be found. They looked everywhere, including the ladies’ restroom, but she wasn’t there.


Shortly afterward, a student came running to the chapel and told the surprised priest that Teresa was in the football field crying. When they went to question her, she said that as she entered the chapel, she blacked out, and the next thing she knew, she was in the football field far from the chapel. No one could explain how she got there. As usual, the devil was accused of being responsible for her teleportation.


I know several other documented cases of teleportation but the above will suffice to answer Debbie’s question.


Next week we shall discuss bilocation.




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