Fun watches that do what they’re meant to, plus a little more | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

When you’re running late for a coffee date, do you struggle to find your cell phone in the depths of your bag? Or maybe you madly search your pockets as you brisk-walk to your next class?

With gadget functionalities all melding into one super-techie toy these days, sticking to a product’s original design and purpose has become underrated. Your cell phone business should be kept to your cell phone (fine, maybe to your tablet or smartphone) and your time, to your wrist.

Casual sporting brand Puma sticks to the simple and basic, with its recently launched watch collections, without forgetting the fun and style the brand is known for.

According to junior product manager Jeremie Pannatier, who visited Manila last week to launch Puma Time,  they are going for fun and lifestyle watches rather than “pretending to be a brand that has a huge background in watch making.”

A watch, he explained, is simply for telling time, and these days, is considered a style statement. In the sporting world, one must remember that sports still have to be fun, and playing ping-pong in a bar is just as much a sport as others.

Puma Time incorporates smart ideas and details which make their watches different and unique. For instance, there’s the Calculus watch, which includes a calculator, or the Cardiac, which can monitor one’s heart rate. But that is as much added technology as Puma Time’s watches go. None of those complicated runner’s or diver’s watches here.

Puma Time released two main collections. The Active collection, which uses more plastic, has a sportier look and a few functions, but still looks cool.  The Motorsport collection, which is more prestigious and uses stainless steel and rubber, incorporates elements from Puma-sponsored racing sport brands Ferrari and Ducati into its designs. Its third mini-collection is the Urban Mobility for sassy city folk.

“We bring socials into sports and sports into socials,” Pannatier said. With ads that say, “Here’s to 5 a.m. cabs, not 5 a.m. runs,” Puma Time is sure to add functional playfulness into all your busy school days.

Puma Time watches are available at all L Timestudio outlets.