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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Here’s good news for those who don’t believe in UFOs and extraterrestrial creatures!


The United States government’s chief spy agency, the CIA, in a news item datelined “Washington,” has recently released a declassified document about the existence of the controversial Area 51 in Nevada, according to the Inquirer.


While finally admitting that Area 51 does exist, the CIA document has denied it was used to hide UFO and extraterrestrial investigations, as some UFOlogists have alleged.


The document said that the top secret area was “a testing range for the Government U-2 spy plane during the Cold War.”


While commercial planes flew at an altitude of 10,000 to 20,000 feet at that time, “the U-2 planes could fly above 60,000 feet and reports of unidentified flying objects in the Nevada desert started to roll in.”

Alien spacecraft

The CIA document did not mention the much-talked about and controversial reports among UFOlogists, that an alien spacecraft crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, carrying three (some say four) extraterrestrial beings.


According to these reports, two of the ETs died but one survived and was taken to Area 51 for investigation.


The US military establishment has consistently denied the existence of Area 51 and explained that the object that crashed in Roswell in 1947 was not an alien spacecraft, but an experimental weather balloon.


Then why the haste and secrecy in gathering the evidence of that crash? And the instruction given the few witnesses to hush up?


One US military general involved in the cover-up wrote a book revealing that the crash was indeed that of an alien spacecraft, and that he was telling the real story because he was dying of cancer and wanted to tell the public the truth. Still, the US government continued to deny the existence of Area 51 and its real purpose.


Dr. James Hurtak, president and founder of the Academy for Future Science and a renowned UFO and Ultraterrestrials researcher, pointed out that there were actually three spacecraft crashes in separate parts of the world, not just in Roswell.


But these have all been denied and dismissed as mere fragments of the imagination.


Ruth Montgomery, former Washington Post columnist, wrote in her 1985 book “Aliens Among Us:”


“There is little doubt in the minds of those who have seriously looked into UFO phenomenon of the past few decades that the United States government has deliberately engaged in a massive cover-up.


“According to investigator Richard Sigismond, a contributing editor to International UFO Reporter, the magazine published by Dr. Hynek for UFO studies, (America’s) top level National Security Agency (NSA) has in its files a minimum of 131 top secret documents on the subject of UFOs which it refuses to release because of national security.”


It added, “It requires little mental effort to conclude that NSA would hardly waste its time preparing 131 top secret documents on a subject not worthy of attention, scientific or otherwise.”

Evidence removed

In a book, “UFO Crash at Roswell,” by US Air Force Capt. Kevin D. Randale and Donald R. Schmitt, director of Special Investigations, Center of UFO Studies, said, “In the last two weeks of June 1947, hundreds of UFO sightings were reported from Glens Falls, New York, to Yakima, Washington…


“On July 3, 1947, a rancher came across the wreckage of an alien spacecraft in the high desert of New Mexico.


“Several days later, the bodies of four extraterrestrials were discovered a few miles from the alleged crash site…


“On July 8, 1947, the US Air Force cordoned off the area around Roswell, New Mexico, and removed all evidence of one of the most astonishing events in recorded history.”


The consistent and massive reports of UFO sightings by people from all over the world can no longer be ignored.


Even former US President Jimmy Carter reported having seen a UFO before he entered politics, and he wrote a report on it.


I myself have seen many unidentified flying objects in mystic Mount Banahaw in Dolores, Quezon, in the 1980s, in Pila, Laguna, and even outside my house window in 2009 or 2010.


I actually met and talked to a female ET in Ciudad Verdadero in Lucban, Quezon, while in a trance. During lunch that day, another man who was with us, said he saw the same alien, whose description perfectly matched mine. That was when I knew I was not imagining things.


But, of course, I don’t expect everybody to believe such a “preposterous” story.


I am pretty sure that the US government will still deny the existence of ETs even if a dozen alien spacecrafts land in front of the White House. They will say these are just holograms beamed to the US by either Russia, China or Pakistan.




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