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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Two Sundays ago, we opened our second branch of Wooden Spoon at Rockwell. Since we were on soft opening mode, we got a lot of minor complaints. Service at times was slow, orders didn’t arrive, the wait was too long, etc.

All these are being addressed. The place is almost full every day and the kitchen preparation has not been able to cope with the turnout.

Just the other day, our meats and vegetables were not delivered. Tylenol time! Fortunately, I have found the root of the problem: lack of preparation! So, with the approval of Rockwell management, we are starting a bakery schedule.

We will have a staff work from 10 p.m.-6 a.m. just to prepare. That way, by the time we open with the mall, we will be ready for the hungry diners. Our staff at times gets to eat lunch only at 4 p.m. It’s that busy.

Unlike them, I walk around the mall looking for a place where I can have my peaceful meal. At times, I just have two tuna sandwiches at Dunkin Donuts, a chicken sandwich at KFC, ramen just across our outlet or, when I want something special, I go to my special restaurant.

I take the escalator, out the Starbucks door to my hiding place. Cibo has been around for 16 years. It is where one finds dependable, delicious, authentic Italian cuisine. At times, many of us look for good Italian cooking without realizing it’s right under our nose.

Touch of class

Here, the food is consistent, pastas are done perfectly al dente, pizzas are nice and crusty and everything is very well presented.

Every dish has a touch of class. I love the presentation. I call the creator of all these dishes a culinary Einstein.

Amazing how chef Margarita Fores comes up with surprises. Loving and enjoying what you do, I guess, brings out your creativity.

Being a creature of habit, I always order the tuna sandwich. This is flaked tuna, with alfalfa sprouts in grilled ciabatta bread, served with chips, mayonnaise and a tiny cup of sea salt on the side. I love the presentation and the functionality of it all. I pinch some salt and put it over the sandwich.

I also enjoy her pastas. The garlic-chili pasta, vongole and  truffle pastas are the ones I prefer. After this quiet meal, I head back to the war zone and do what I love to do most: feed people.

There, too, is satisfaction in seeing a happy and satisfied diner.

Cibo is in Rockwell beside Starbucks on the ground level. Simple, authentic, consistent and very masarap!

Shared endeavour

In the previous administrations of Marikina mayors Bayani and his wife Marides Fernando, Marikina became the most awarded city in Metro Manila. The place was kept clean and garbage was picked up regularly.

But more than that, residents were all involved in this endeavor. I hope it is still the same today.

Meanwhile, a friend says that, in Cagayan de Oro City, the 12 steps to getting a business permit has been cut down to four steps, and getting a permit is now so easy.

In the end, it benefits the applicants and the city, too, with additional taxpayers to support the various projects of the city. I wish our entire country could follow this example.

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