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There is only one Leonardo da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci is arguably the greatest genius of all time. He was an inventor, scientist, artist, musician and architect—roles performed with consummate passion.


He is a most powerful example of what the human mind is capable of—vision, imagination, precision, artistry, all these combined and expressed to the full.


Da Vinci’s original works are too fragile to be moved from the museums where they are permanently housed.  But there is only one Leonardo da Vinci traveling exhibition in the world that offers the most comprehensive look, analysis of and interaction with Da Vinci’s works.


Created with the assistance of Leonardo da Vinci experts in Italy and France, “Da Vinci-The Genius” celebrates one of the most revered and dynamic minds of all time.


The interactive experience will immerse guests in Da Vinci’s timeless brilliance, through full-scale interpretations of the mastermind’s inventions and unparalleled studies of his iconic art.


The exhibition features 13 theme areas of Da Vinci’s work, offering visitors a look into the mind of the ultimate Renaissance man who laid the groundwork for some of modern society’s most impactful inventions, such as the helicopter, airplane, automobile, submarine, parachute and bicycle.


The Mind Museum will present “Da Vinci-The Genius,” the most comprehensive exploration of Leonardo da Vinci’s work ever created.


It’s on a limited run.


It is at The Mind Museum until Nov. 30.



The Mind Museum’s aim is to give guests an extraordinary experience that inspires them to understand nature.


Visitors to “Da Vinci-The Genius” are invited to embrace the history, theory and objective behind each of Da Vinci’s designs and artworks.


Other highlights include reproductions of “Virgin of the Rocks” and “The Annunciation,” the controversial new Leonardo discovery “Bella Principessa,” amazing anatomical sketches, the preparatory drawings of the “Anghiari Battle,” and video presentations of “The Last Supper,” the “Vitruvian Man” and the “Sforza Horse” sculpture that offer never-before-seen perspectives of these famous works. Guests will also enjoy a glimpse into Da Vinci’s mysterious alphabet and writing techniques as they handle touchscreen versions of his actual codices.


“Da Vinci-The Genius” has over 200 pieces of his works, from paintings and war machines to flying machines and his notebooks.


The exhibition was developed by Grande Exhibitions Australia under the auspices of the Comune di Roma, Comune di Firenze and Citta di Venezia.