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OCTOBER 27, 2022


When I got a text message from Angelo Songco of Sugarleaf about a talk to be given by Dr. Miguel Flores titled  “Are You a Cancer Killer?”, I was intrigued.


Cancer has struck my family many times over. I lost my dad and sister to it, so any information geared toward  its prevention is something I truly welcome and wish to share.


Dr. Flores is an upper cervical chiropractic specialist and Maximized Living doctor. (Maximized Living is a chiropractic clinic that promotes five essential principles of health.) He is a US-trained doctor of Chiropractic Medicine from Logan University in St. Louis, Missouri, where he practised until he moved back to Manila in 2010.


The first question I asked Dr. Flores was, why is a chiropractor giving a talk on cancer?


“There is a common misconception about what chiropractors do,” he said. “Not only are chiropractors trained in the science, art and philosophy of spinal correction, but also in the various areas of wellness, including nutrition, exercise and detoxification—all of which make up the foundation of a fully functioning and healthy body.”


He explained: “It is the job of a chiropractor to restore optimal function to the human body by working with the nervous system. Since the spinal column serves as protective armor to your spinal cord, any shift or distortion away from the normal position of the spine can put direct pressure on the nervous system, which will result in a loss of function. That includes the body’s ability to kill cancer on a daily basis.”


Anti-cancer protocols


His message: “You do not have to sit by idly and hope you don’t get cancer. You can actually fight cancer every day. Cancer can be defeated before it develops. The workshop will provide you and your family with the protocols needed to become cancer killers.”


Fighting cancer is a cause dear to Dr. Flores. Three years ago, his colleague, Dr. Charles Majors, was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer and was given just weeks to live. This came as a shock, because here was a guy who ate better, exercised more religiously, and lived a healthier lifestyle than most people.


It was then that Dr. Majors and the other doctors at Maximized Living started to look deeper into the problem. “Basically, he wasn’t doing everything needed to be done to prevent and, at that point, reverse the disease,” said Dr. Flores.


Now cancer-free for over three years, Dr. Majors co-wrote the book “Cancer Killers” with another colleague of Dr. Flores, Dr. Ben Lerner, so that people may know about cancer and how to fight it.


Dr. Flores’ talk will highlight many factors that contribute to the disease, one of which is nutrition and the role food plays.


Natural glutathione


“Did you know that all diseases, including cancer, are caused by cells becoming toxic, deficient or losing the ability to function? You’ve heard that saying, ‘you are what you eat,’ but in reality, you are whatever you are eating, or your plate has been eating! Many of today’s foods are processed and filled to the brim with chemicals, which largely contribute to the cellular toxicity of a person.


“The goal in selecting cancer-killing foods is to choose the ones that allow your body to naturally produce and utilize glutathione, a cancer-killing antioxidant produced within the body. Glutathione is known as the superman of all cancer fighters.


“Pick cruciferous veggies like broccoli and cauliflower. Dark green, leafy vegetables (malunggay, kale, pechay, spinach) are a great choice as well.


“You can consume beef and whey protein derived from grass-fed cattle because of the proper 2:1 ratio of omega 6 to 3. These sources help to naturally produce more glutathione.


“Most fruits have cancer-fighting properties and should be consumed on a regular basis, with the exception of those who are battling cancer, for whom sugar must be completely eliminated. Berries and green apples can be consumed in moderation, as they are lower in the glycemic index chart.


Foods to avoid


“Did you know that sugar is the main fuel source of cancer? This ingredient is found (and many times hidden!) in most of our food. Avoid sugar at all costs. When you consume it, you literally feed the monster within.


“Avoid commercial meat due to its acidic nature, the chemicals stored in the meat, as well as the improper ratio of omega 6 to 3, which in most cases is measured at as much as 20:1 (remember, 2:1 is ideal).


“Avoid processed meats as well, due to the presence of nitrates.”


When cooking: “While better eaten raw, lightly cooking them will still bring out the benefits of the vegetable, as most enzymes will be intact. You may choose to lightly blanch these vegetables in hot water, steam or sauté them. Make sure to cook them in low to medium heat.


“Choose cookware wisely; use those that do not contain hazardous chemicals. What good are all these wonderful nutrients and enzymes with cancer-killing properties when you are just replacing them with more chemicals that are known carcinogens?


Extra-virgin olive oil


“Use extra-virgin olive oil for dressings and light cooking. This oil is not stable in high heat, so make sure you do not leave it on the stove unattended. If smoke starts to rise from the pan, the oil is already rancid and needs to be thrown out.


“Use extra-virgin coconut oil for everything else. This oil is very stable in high heat. It smells and tastes great, too! Do not worry about it hardening and turning white when cooled. This is 100-percent good fat and can be consumed in generous amounts.”


His advice on how to stay healthy? “Health is not made up of just one good habit, but a multitude of habits that can be broken down and simplified into a few simple choices. Choosing to exercise regularly, eat or juice plenty of vegetables and fruits, reduce and control stress, and schedule regular wellness checkups with your doctor will ensure that you are at the top of your game and on the continuous road to better healing. Because health is not a destination, but a lifelong journey.”



The talk will be held on Oct. 12. Call  5536218 or 0917-5710212.

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