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ACADEMIC achiever and model Luigi Bonoan

Ice skater, cheerleader, psychology student in the style league

ACADEMIC achiever and model Luigi Bonoan

American retail giant Aéropostale has opened its Philippine flagship store at the New Glorietta. It has also launched Aéro Style League, consisting of  stylish young women and men.


Ice skater, dancer and athlete Allessa “Ally” Faustino is a middle-school senior at Brent International School.


When it comes to personal style, she likes a lot of black with a pop of neon. She loved Aéropostale the moment she found out that young actress Chloe Moretz was Aéropostale’s endorser.


“I realized their shorts last forever and stay in great shape, same goes with their jeans. The materials they use are comfy and if you want something you can keep and wear for a long time, Aéropostale is the way to go,” she said.


Her Aéro favorites are those with shades of blue: lace blue dress, aqua pants and the aqua laced peplum top.


Cheerleader Danielle “Dani” Luna is from De La Salle Zobel.


Dani prefers summer looks and loves young and happy colors that usually dominate the collections of Aéropostale.

COLLEGE student Nina Villanueva


“I like that its pieces are flexible and that it goes for any season,” she said. “I love the dresses, skirts and neon shorts.”


Camille Cumagun, a ballet aficionado and psychology student at De La Salle University, likes wearing floral prints, lace tops, and clothes that accentuate the body.


She finds the brand versatile and very relaxed but stylish. Her favorites are the Aéro shorts, printed tank tops and sandals.


Ateneo De Manila University Communications major Selina Dagdag said Aéropostale fits her preference for casual and comfortable clothes.


“I usually go to school in sneakers and jeans,” she explained, “so you can give me basic T-shirts, tank tops, pull-overs, anything comfortable.”


Calling herself a style “chameleon,” Enderun College student Nina Villanueva loves  Aéropostale’s  basic and statement pieces.


“I can go from bohemian today, the next day edgy chic, or stick to basics and try to add things that reflect my personality or mood,” said Villanueva. “Each Aéropostale piece has so much personality and character.”


JIU-JITSU, Dance and Arnis club member Reno Barretto

Her favorites are the Aéro accessories and scarves she can just throw over her outfit to spruce up her look.


Male style leaguers


Model Luigi Bonoan likes to add an interesting mix to his daily look with a little layering. For him, each Aéropostale piece is an eye-catcher—“One word to describe Aéropostale is fresh. The look is outgoing and makes people notice you.”


Luigi’s favorites are polos and camo sneakers and shorts.


With an active lifestyle as part of the Jiu-jitsu, Dance and Arnis Club, Reno Barretto loves how Aéropostale’s collections are always hip, trendy, and comfortable.


“It fits my active lifestyle and keeps me fashionable at the same time.”


“My personal favorites are the woven shirts, their chinos, and tank tops that are just great!”

ABS-CBN courtside reporter Selina Dagdag


Musician, singer and athlete Arwin Villafuerte  said: “The styles are laid back and stylish and wearable everyday.”


Since Aeropostale began in 1987, the brand has represented adventure, achievement and dedication.