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OCTOBER 27, 2022

DJ Tony Toni, JuiceBoxx COO Carol Lee, Luis Manzano. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO/Jeeves de Veyra
DJ Tony Toni, JuiceBoxx COO Carol Lee, Luis Manzano. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO/Jeeves de Veyra

MANILA, Philippine—It’s a lifestyle that has become more of a necessity than a want.


That’s what the mobile phone has become to most people in these modern times. It has become, literally, an extension of our bodies. We use it to keep in contact with others, or utilize applications such as the camera, social media, e-mail, maps, even fitness tools and digital loyalty cards.


We can’t live without it.


That’s why we can all know and understand the frustration, anger, even downright panic when we run out of “juice” on our cell-phone battery. And it always seems to happen when we can least afford it!


Even celebrities like TV host Luis Manzano and DJ Tony Toni have had their share of bad experiences brought on by mobiles that have run out of juice.


“I really value punctuality, and for tapings, time is money. One time on the way to a new taping location, my phone run out of battery and I couldn’t find my way. We got lost, and I had to wait for the crew to get ahold of my driver so they could relay directions to the place. It was so frustrating and I ended up being an hour and a half late,” Luis narrates.


Portable powerbank JuiceBoxx hits the Philippine market. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO/ Jeeves de Veyra

For DJ Tony Toni, a text message or a phone call could have saved a budding relationship with a girl.


“It was one of those times when I was horribly detained in a client meeting when I was supposed to be on a date. My phone couldn’t power on, and I couldn’t do anything. She never spoke to me again,” DJ Tony Toni says.


Luis and DJ Tony Toni say goodbye to “nomophobia” – the irrational fear of being without your mobile phone—with Juiceboxx, a revolutionary portable powerbank from Canada that makes its way to Philippine shores. Both avid mobile users, and now ambassadors of JuiceBoxx, Luis and DJ Tony Toni never have to run out of juice again.


“I like connecting to fans on my social networks,” Luis notes. “I treat fans as friends, and when they tweet me, I personally reply to all of them. I like maintaining this personal connection, as opposed to having someone handle all my correspondence, and it makes me feel more secure to have JuiceBoxx as a lifeline in case I run low on power.”


“I use four mobile phones and I’m always online. Juiceboxx is really convenient as I don’t have to bring four different chargers wherever I go,” adds DJ Tony Toni.


The Philippines is JuiceBoxx’s premiere market, with the highest cellphone penetration rates and SMS usage in the world.  JuiceBoxx COO Carol Lee explains, “It was an easy choice to come to Philippines first. This is the fastest growing economy in Asia. The retail environment is very visionary and forward looking and hence open to new concepts like JuiceBoxx™. We are honored to launch in Philippines and think it is a smart choice to for Philippines to lead the world.”


JuiceBoxx™ promises up to three times as much charging power as a traditional unit, with 4,000 mAh of power, giving your devices 200 additional hours of usage.


Juiceboxx™ is compatible with so many devices such as Blackberry, Samsung, iPhone, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and other cellphone units plus tablets, iPods, digital cameras, and portable DVD players.


It comes in a sleek, sexy, easy-to-carry design in different colors to suit your taste. Everything is contained in a small little box you can carry in your pocket. It’s easy to bring it with you on trips or outdoors, just attach the appropriate additional plugs already included with the product.


JuiceBoxx™ comes in two variants: the regular unit and a solar unit. With the solar version, you don’t even need to plug it to a power source for recharging. Utilize sunlight to recharge while saving on your electric bill.


What’s more is that you don’t need to go to a specialty mobile phone shop to avail of JuiceBoxx™. It’s sold in over 85branches of S&R and Puregold for a special introductory price of P999 for the regular unit, and P1999 for the solar unit. These prices are half of what you can buy a comparable strength unit from a specialty store!



Never run out of juice again, with JuiceBoxx™.