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OCTOBER 27, 2022

The demand for organic and chemical-free products has increased over the years because people have rediscovered the benefits of organic produce. But the hassle of mixing our favorite fruits and veggies into one effective skin care regimen makes us opt for the synthetic.

With Beauty Elements Venture Inc. (Bevi)’s expertise and understanding of our skin care needs, our skin can enjoy and maximize the benefits from cucumber, avocado, papaya, calamansi, and bengkoang (singkamas).

The efficacy of these fruits in keeping our skin younger-looking and healthy was first proven and tested in Kojie-San Pureganics Toners, which Bevi released last year. With the rising clamor for more organic products, Bevi is now launching the Kojie-San Pureganics soap and Kojie-San Pureganics lotion.

“The pursuit of fabulous skin has led to the development of a myriad of natural remedies, which have been passed on from generation to generation. With this fact, Bevi utilizes the advance technology to produce quality organic skin care that can preserve and enhance the effectiveness of each fruit or veggie we use. With Pureganics toners, soap and lotion, effective and safe organic skincare is just over the counter,” Bevi sales director Jun Matos said.

Cucumber is an excellent source of silica, which is a trace mineral that contributes to the strength of our connective tissue. Connective tissue is what holds our body together. It’s effective when used for various skin problems, including swelling under the eyes and sunburn. They also contain ascorbic and caffeic acids that prevent water retention. It explains why, when cucumbers are applied topically, they are often helpful for swollen eyes, burns and dermatitis. Cucumber is also good in hydrating the skin.

Avocados are known to be great sources of vitamin E, and  have the most effective sunscreen benefits as compared to jojoba, coconut, olive, apricot kernel  and sesame oil. Vitamin E is very vital to bodily functions, and is considered to be an effective antioxidant.

The oil in avocado extract strengthens the skin by triggering production of collagens. This means your wrinkles are reduced, and your skintone enhanced.

It also contains large amounts of vitamin C, required for the optimum production of collagen for the development of new cells and tissues. Vitamin C is found in avocado helps in reducing skin inflammation, especially when exposed to the sun’s rays.


Papaya is a good source of vitamin A and papain. Vitamin A acts as an antioxidant, while papain breaks down inactive proteins and removes dead skin cells. Rich in antioxidants due to huge concentration of vitamin A and helpful in removing dead skin cells, papaya will exfoliate your skin in the most gentle and natural way.

It’s also a great skin-firming and anti-aging mask.  It helps remove blemishes and dark spots, evens out your skin tone, brings a glow to your face, and offers a natural facelift, along with creating a rejuvenating effect and natural glow.  What is more surprising about this fruit is that it is suitable for almost every skin type.

Calamansi is packed with Vitamin C, a natural agent for healthy skin. When used in its pure form as a facial cleanser, calamansi can help eliminate deep-seated dirt that might have accumulated in the skin pores. Constant use of this natural beauty ingredient can also help even out skintone, and help erase scars and other facial blemishes.

It also acts like a toner, leaving skin refreshed and supple to the touch. The aesthetic properties of calamansi have made it a popular main ingredient for facial cleansers and toners.

Bengkoang roots have been used in cosmetics, primarily as sun screening and skin-whitening materials. A study called “The Exploration of Whitening and Sun Screening Compounds in Bengkoang Roots” (Pachyrhizus erosus) by Endang Lukitaningsih from Universitat Wurzburg, Germany, says that bengkoang  contains vitamin C, flavonoid, and saponins which are a natural sunscreen, to prevent skin damage by free radicals.

Phenolic substances of bengkoang are quite effective in inhibiting the formation of melanin, so the pigmentation due to hormones, sun, and acne scars can be prevented and reduced.

Kojie-San Pureganics soap, lotion, and facial cleanser and toner in one are available at all Watson’s outlets, Mercury Drug stores, SM supermarkets, and other leading stores. Call  899-6770 or visit .

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