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A hospital that provides comforts of home for patients

University Physicians Medical Center. Poto from http://www.upmc.net.ph/

MANILA, Philippines – No one likes hospitals.

While it is almost an inevitable part of life to be sick, it doesn’t mean we cannot find ways to make the experience more tolerable. It is already a feat to go through the medical procedure, but does the healing process have to be as discomforting? If the hospital already has a stigma in all of us, it can’t be the most conducive place for healing.

No matter how comfortable the hospital is, nothing beats the warmth of our own homes. For one, the home holds familiarity – from your favorite pillows and bedsheets to the comfort room that you’re really comfortable in. And being surrounded by the people you love, including your dog, the home lessens the emotional burden of being sick. Miraculously, it softens the hard truth of what you are going through.

That is why UPMC has capitalized on technology that provides utmost comfort to their patients. Located in the patient-centered environment of the newly-renovated UPM-PGH Faculty Medical Arts Building (FMAB), UPMC developed an expertise for No Confinement Surgery, allowing endoscopic surgeries to be performed with small incisions therefore giving less tissue injury and pain. With this, patients are sent home even right after the procedure. With this advanced technology, coupled with a complete range of sophisticated yet affordable diagnostic procedures, patients won’t just get better value for their money, but more importantly, they will have the privilege and the pleasantries of healing at home. It’s a more caring option for healthcare services.

To know more about UPMC and their services, you can visit their website at http://upmc.net.ph/.

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