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Protection at the prime of your life

Providing for our loved ones is a responsibility we take seriously.  But in our senior years, we just want to be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the life we have worked hard to build. It sounds simple, but when money matters come into play, what’s simple can easily become complicated. We begin to worry about the future even more, with our fear of the unknown intensifying with thoughts of how our family will cope if we are no longer around to ensure that their needs are adequately met.


All of us do some form of fund management, but only a few consider comprehensive financial protection in their list of priorities. The most common behavior is to keep a savings account, but it may not be sufficient to protect your family against unforeseen events in addition to the high cost of living nowadays.  This is essentially what life insurance is for—to help relieve your loved ones of financial distress when met with your sudden demise.


Now, if you are between the age of 40 and 75, getting life insurance is difficult, and you may even be denied due to your age or state of health. It is during this age bracket that some, if not most, are stricken with sickness. For those who have not prepared in their younger days to get life insurance, now is not too late, even at this age.  The Prime Life 40 Plus Plan has the solution of giving life insurance protection on a guaranteed acceptance basis. Yes, no medical examination to undergo, no health questions to answer, and best of all, no sales agent to see you.


Payable only for a short period of twelve years, the Prime Life 40 Plus covers those aged 40 to 75 with valuable life insurance up to age 100. From the 13th year onwards, there will be no more premiums to pay. Coverage is lifetime. This plan provides guaranteed lump sum cash in the event of death, to help pay for final expenses, medical bills left behind due to hospitalization, or any outstanding credit card bills or debts.


This is a plan that gives you peace-of-mind. It is an affordable way to prepare for your future and feel reassured that things are taken care of — without the worry.


Those in younger age brackets enjoy higher life benefit because the risks to life are less than those of older individuals. To illustrate the coverage, if you were to avail of the product at age 40 and pay your premiums religiously, by age 52, you would have completed the payment period and, more importantly, been freed from worrying over the security and integrity of your family’s future. Why? The maximum coverage under the Prime Life 40 Plus Plan is a substantial P2 million (which doubles to P4 million in the event of an accidental death up to age 80), payable in lump sum to your beneficiaries. A reliable financial safety net like this can provide much ease and relief, and a better chance for your family to face the reality of your absence and live on according to what you had envisioned together.


Another helpful feature of this plan is the cash values that it accumulates which can be borrowed in case of financial emergencies, making this plan a smart purchase. Cash values starts to build up on the third year of the policy.


We understand that so long as people have families and/or liabilities, there will be a need for life insurance. Prime Life 40 Plus Plan offers you and your loved ones peace of mind, and allows you to live safe knowing that if anything happens to you, they will have financial support.


When you’re prepared, what lies ahead doesn’t feel as daunting. Days are more carefree, and you’re blessed with enough peace-of-mind to enjoy the prime of your life with the people you live for. advt


If you wish to know more about the Prime Life 40 Plus Plan and other Philippine Prudential products, please call (02) 711-9188, 712-3756, 712-2710 or 712-3410.  You may also follow the link provided below. A downloadable enrollment form is available for those interested to apply for the plan.



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 Originally posted: 5:29 pm | Monday, October 7th, 2013