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OCTOBER 27, 2022

“You only live once” seems to be the mantra of the young and hip generation who seek full experiences from every opportunity.  Filipinos aged 21-40 years are highly social, adventurous and on a fast path to successful careers.  With disposable income and relatively unencumbered by financial responsibilities, they lead active, exciting lives and are not afraid to take risks.  Their daring is what defines the generation, and is perhaps also a reason for a broader worldview and the blossoming of creativity.


But daring does not mean abandon.  Young Filipinos are also planning their future and taking full control of their life.  They know exactly what direction they want their careers to take and are proactive in making it happen.  They are setting up businesses.  They are investing in condominiums.  They are creating and defining new arenas in which to participate and excel.  Indeed, today’s young adults are more sophisticated and mature than their counterparts of just a generation past.


In recognition of this astonishing combination of high-spiritedness and foresight, insurance company Blue Cross recently launched a new product to celebrate and support young people’s lifestyle and aspirations.  John Casey, President and CEO, explains, “Getting insurance while young is always a wise decision, but traditional offerings have failed to appeal to the youth because the features are irrelevant to them at this particular point in their life.  With this insight, we’ve designed LifeStyle+, a medical insurance plan that is truly responsive to their concerns.”


An exceptional medical insurance plan for young adults


LifeStyle+ is especially designed for the young market (21 to 40 years old).  Understanding the young adults’ dynamic activities and the risks that go with them, the plan provides medical coverage for illnesses people in their 20’s to 30’s are more likely to contract as a result of their lifestyle, such as dengue, appendicitis, typhoid fever, gastroenteritis, among others. And unlike traditional medical insurance, LifeStyle+ also covers the costs of accident-related hospitalization and the treatment of injuries from recreational contact sports such as basketball, soccer, football, baseball, karate, boxing, martial arts, wrestling, even skiing and scuba-diving.


“Imagine a healthy twenty-five year old career woman.  She could be having the time of her life watching a rock concert with her friends when she suddenly experiences extreme abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting, which turns out to be appendicitis. Or she gets robbed and beaten up one night.  Or she could be doing karate as part of her fitness regimen when she falls and breaks an arm.  With one illness, accident or injury, her entire savings could vanish.  With LifeStyle+, we’ve got her covered.  Plus, we’ll give her a hospital allowance for every day of confinement in order to at least partially make up for any lost income,” Casey illustrates.


In addition, LifeStyle+ out-patient benefits are not limited by illness.  The plan also covers alternative treatments like Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy and others.


For the young traveller with a passion for adventure LifeStyle+ also covers emergency hospitalization abroad for up to 90 days per trip, regardless of how many times she travels.  Blue Cross will reimburse medical expenses as charged, in contrast to other plans that set a cap on reimbursable medical costs.  After all, when one falls ill or meets an accident while far from home, expenses should be the least of her worries.


Casey excitedly added, “What’s more LifeStyle+ is the only Blue Cross medical plan that covers dermatological treatments and medications for up to P5,000.  You can use the coverage for aesthetic procedures such as facials, skin peeling and microdermabrasion even if you aren’t showing any medical indications for the treatment.  Remember the wise advice about insurance being something you need to have but hope never to use? LifeStyle+ is a plan you will actually and happily use!”


Having fun while being responsible


“When you’re young, you want to live life to the fullest, and rightly so.  Young adults today lead very fast-paced lives and juggle an unbelievable number of activities.  They deserve to enjoy their leisure activities and exciting lifestyle. Insurance isn’t something they should neglect, but it also shouldn’t cramp their style,” said Casey.


Financial experts say that a person should have both insurance and savings to weather unforeseen life events that would otherwise have a devastating effect.  However, studies show that only 13% of Filipinos are insured, and most young adults merely rely on their employer’s health plan benefits to cover their medical needs. This is because, at the peak of their health and fitness, they see personal insurance as unnecessary.


Blue Cross aims to instil a consciousness of the need for medical insurance even at a young age.   “Medical insurance is a wise investment as it will be invaluable in times of crisis. It prevents the unexpected from obstructing your way of life and your dreams for the future.  It also protects your loved ones from financial burden.  And LifeStyle+ shows that insurance need not be a drain on your pocket.  To get the maximum benefits of it, you only need to set aside PhP65 daily – that’s a fraction of what you would spend on a night out in town, a perfect fit for young couples who don’t want to compromise their daily activities,” Casey explained.


Aside from medical insurance tailored to the needs and preferences of the youth, LifeStyle+ also provides special benefits that complement and enhance the way they live. Through the exciting Blue Cross VIP Kit, members are entitled to additional and exclusive privileges, discounts and rewards in various dining, shopping, health, wellness and travel establishments.


“We’ve really taken time out to develop features young people will appreciate.  We believe having value-for-money benefits is one of the best ways to help them understand how important insurance is. We’re even giving the spouse, as the principal’s dependent, the full benefits of the plan so the couple doesn’t have to share coverage limits.  And the husband gets a Blue Cross VIP Kit of his own!  LifeStyle+            is truly an innovative plan,” he added.


Ultimately, medical insurance is something everyone should invest in, even the strong and indefatigable youth. Blue Cross LifeStyle+ helps young adults make a wise decision even while it celebrates their exhilarating lifestyle.  Remember, you only live once.


Blue Cross is a market specialist in medical and travel insurance.  Based in the Philippines, it is part of the Pacific Cross Group of Companies, a wider group of insurance companies operating across Asia. For more information, please call (632) 899-8001, e-mail or visit