Shu Uemura invents new makeup, sponge for glowing skin | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Shu Uemura celebrates a revolution in beauty with the launch of a new generation in fluid foundation that delivers modern, glowing beauty, The Lightbulb.


Fulfilling the paradoxical needs of modern women for beautiful, natural glowing skin yet perfect coverage to veil imperfections, and supported by the professional sensitivity of a unique master, The Lightbulb signals a new step in makeup, offering confidence to glow under any light.


The fusion of Shu Uemura’s expert oleo technology and the tapping motion with the uniquely shaped The Lightbulb sponge provide an artist’s touch for the ideal finish.


The Lightbulb sponge has dual sides to enhance and control glow: the larger side repels oil to enhance glow on the wider area of the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin, while the round side erases the fear of unsightly lines that can be created when using a sponge with edges. The opposite, smaller pointed side of The Lightbulb is coated to absorb excess oil and control the level of glow, and allows for precise control near the corners of the eyes, nose and mouth.