Never underestimate single mothers like Agatha Uvero

OCTOBER 27, 2022

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Life doesn’t have to stop for single mothers. This is what former courtside reporter Agatha Uvero hopes to tell her fellow single moms in a series of tweets in which she also gave us an update on baby Juan Andres Desiderio.

Uvero shared a photo with baby Juan on Feb. 16 with the caption, “My son’s first word [is] Mama. He can count [from] 1-10, [identify] colors and animals, sings and dances. I speak to him in English, Tagalog and Spanish and he’s enrolled in play school. All before 2 years old.”

“Never underestimate single mothers. You can still have your life and be a good mom,” she added.

In the thread, Uvero also shared a video of baby Juan blowing a kiss. She said that her son is a happy, healthy, and smart boy because his loving grandparents, titos and titas, and godparents helped her raise him. “He is so loved and you can tell by his bright aura,” she said.

Uvero’s post challenges misconceptions about single motherhood and parenting. Single moms and their kids can thrive and receive an abundance of love. There’s no shame in being a single parent and raising a kid always takes a village so they shouldn’t be expected to do it all alone.

Inspired by the thread, some netizens shared their own stories on growing up in a single parent household and sent sweet messages to the single moms in their lives. It’s also heartwarming to see all the single moms thanking the community of women who supported them and tell each other that they’re doing a great job.

In response to netizens who commented on the possibility of baby Juan’s father returning to his life, Uvero said, “The dad (I don’t wanna speak ill of anymore)… I’d like to explain this as respectfully as possible. Sometimes we have to protect our kids from situations that are unhealthy. Yes, there is always a chance for redemption. But is it worth gambling with your child’s life?”

“It’s important to notice patterns to make future decisions. And if the pattern is not good, how many chances is enough?” she added. “As of now, I would like my child to be in a safe and happy environment.”

Back in June 2022, Uvero confirmed her breakup with ex-partner former Blackwater basketball player Paul Desiderio. In July the same year, Desiderio vehemently denied allegations of domestic abuse against him, which the PBA conducted an inquiry on. A few months after, Desiderio retired from the league.

To all the brave, patient, and passionate single moms out there, thank you for your hard work!


Photo Agatha Uvero’s Twitter

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