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OCTOBER 27, 2022


Luxury hair line Kerastase recently announced that global supermodel Kate Moss will be the face, and hair, of its first ever hair styling collection.


The stylist behind the head-turning ad campaign is Luigi Murenu, renowned runway hairstylist and a friend of the British model.


The new Couture Styling collection boasts of seven products that contain micronized polymers that coat the hair, committing each style to the hair’s memory. Hair, amid wind, humidity and other external factors, falls back into place according to how it was initially styled. It appears natural and not drenched with products.


The new Kerastase seeks to produce tresses that are structured but still moving, with an effortlessly natural look. In Kerastase’s words: hair perfection.


Kerastase Forme Fatale

Murenu says, “A woman’s hair is an integral part of her true self. I can see who she is by looking at the quality of her hair and the way it’s styled.”


Truly, today’s hair trends represent the 21st-century woman: always on the go but still easily beautiful, requiring minimal retouching.


Achieve the look with these three products from the collection:


Forme Fatale


An innovative, water-based blow-dry gel with an extra-fine texture and golden micro particles which shape fine hair to give it the desired voluminous style.


How to use: Use this product for large, dramatic curls. Shampoo hair and blow-dry until slightly damp, using your hands to twist the locks inward to create volume. Apply evenly all over the hair. Style as desired and seal the look with…





This product creates a beautiful tousled effect for the hair, suitable for achieving nonchalant tousled hair.


How to use: You may use this as a solo product for the everyday messy look.


Shampoo hair and blow-dry until slightly damp. Tie your hair into a braid and wrap into a bun.


Powder Bluff


An instant freshening dry shampoo that cleanses and gives structure to hair mass. Powder Bluff has a matte and volumizing effect and, since it is lightweight and fine, it does not leave

Powder Bluff

any sticky residue.


How to use: For more long-lasting waves, wash your hair the night before, blow-dry until slightly damp, and tie it into a braid (or sleep with curlers on). After getting dressed in the morning, let your hair down and apply this product evenly onto the hair. It saves time and is perfect for those who have trouble waking up early in the morning!


The Kerastase Couture Styling collection will be available in leading salons starting November.