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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Jokes and memes on food photography have bloomed on social media, with netizens gibing that people’s food rituals have changed: from praying before meals, they now take photos of their food and post them on Facebook. The practice has spawned gags on local TV, a Tumblr, Pictures of Asians Taking Pictures of Food (, etc. Indeed, with smartphone cameras and artfully presented plates, it doesn’t take a Math genius to put two and two together.

But even if you’re not into food photography or Instagram, you can still use your smartphone to help you eat your way through the city via apps that guide you to the latest filling stations. Other apps can turn you into a chef by providing thousands of recipes at your fingertips.

Here are some of the best apps for the quintessential “foodie.”

1. Looloo (Free, iOS)

Looloo is one of the most important apps to have on your smartphone if you want to be updated on the latest and greatest in the food metropolis. Not only do you get up-to-date info about new restaurants, you can also get truthful reviews from trusted friends or “inflooencers,” Looloo’s own barn of tastemakers. Location services give accurate directions to restaurants you’re trying for the first time, making sure cooler heads prevail when hungry (and cranky) folk start arguing over which route to take to get to that food oasis fast.

2. The Photo Cookbook ($3.99, iOS)

If you want to cook but words don’t do it for you, whet your appetite with this visual cookbook. The app presents you with a photo of all ingredients you’ll need to create the selected dish; it also allows you to see at a glance whether the stuff you need are in your kitchen. The $3.99 version will give you 84 recipes, while another hundred recipes can be made available after an in-app purchase. Cooking instructions are also presented in step-by-step photographs, perfect for those who don’t know how to dice, julienne or fold.

3. MealBoard—Meal and Grocery Planner ($1.99, iOS)

Ever wonder why that giant pack of bacon can’t seem to last your family two weeks? The MealBoard app helps you make sure that your monthly groceries last for the entire period they were intended to. The app lets you create weekly meal plans and grocery lists, and lets you keep stock of what’s in your pantry so you’ll never go hungry again.

4. Epicurious (Free, iOS, Google Play)

This free app is very handy for the consummate chef. Here you’ll find recipes culled from all over the Internet in a beautiful, easy-to-navigate interface. Just make sure to protect your device from spills if you plan to use it in the kitchen.

5. 8,500+ Drink & Cocktail Recipes (Free, iOS, Google Play)

Best consumed when shared with friends and family. Turn yourself into an indispensable mixologist with this app that contains over 8,500 cocktail recipes that are guaranteed to show everyone a good time.

6. Top Chef University  (Free, iOS, Google Play)

Are you a fan of “Top Chef”? Do you want to learn cooking techniques from the virtual cheftestants? Download this app and let them teach you the fine art of cooking. Who knows? Maybe you can learn enough cooking tricks to be able to join Tom and Padma next season! •