President Aquino’s midnight visit | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Late-night motorists on the southbound Skyway last Wednesday evening must have been surprised to spot the presidential convoy heading south—no “wang wang,” of course, just a moving blur of blinking headlights. The size of the convoy and the formation of vehicles made it readily evident that it was President Benigno Aquino III onboard.


Why was Mr. Aquino venturing out to the south at close to midnight?


He was on his way to Naia 1 on a surprise inspection visit.


Why midnight? Those are the airport’s peak hours, we were told.


Mr. Aquino caught everyone by surprise in the airport that has been adjudged as one of the worst in the world.


Notwithstanding the surprise, however, everyone must have gotten right back on his toes, because, as Mr. Aquino noted, the airport processing of passengers went reasonably well, although the flights arrived not altogether at this peak hour.


But he also saw for himself, yet again, the poor condition of Terminal 1, which has been set for renovation for some time now.


This might not be the last of the President’s surprise midnight visits to government service facilities.