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Tutuban Center’s night market offers shopping alternative

Tutuban Center’s Night Market offers a shopping alternative that opens after regular mall hours.


As soon as dusk settles, an array of affordable goodies that fits everyone’s budget is rolled out for waiting customers.


Toys, novelty items, fun and fashionable accessories, gadgets and gizmos, home furnishing and apparel are just some of the products to be found at the night market.


Safety measures


Safety and security measures, which include uniformed and plainclothes security personnel plus CCTV cameras, are in place to provide utmost protection to shoppers.


A seven-story parking building is available that can accommodate hundreds of vehicles, so that customers can do their shopping in a worry-free and leisurely manner.


Tutuban Center is not just about the night market, as it also boasts of other attractions where one can enjoy precious time with friends or the family. There’s the Tutuban Foodstreet with delectable, mouth-watering servings of popular Filipino food and other appetizing Asian delicacies.


Sports track, virtual zoo


Fitness buffs can exercise to their hearts’ delight at Sports Track; the Tutuban Virtual Zoo has an exceptional collection of 3D pictures featuring kids’ favorite zoo animals in breathtaking and life-like realism; and the Orion Hotel, located on the third level of Primeblock Building, features well-appointed guest rooms at affordable rates for weary shoppers who wish to rest their tired bodies.


Shopping this Christmastime—or any other time—is made more exciting at Tutuban Center.

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