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OCTOBER 27, 2022

MY MASHUP Detox offers everyone the chance to choose their own concoction

There’s a bar at Eastwood, Quezon City, that’s frequented by today’s hottest celebrities and personalities. It’s so popular that the joint gets orders from as far away as Las Piñas. But before you get any ideas, this place does not serve alcohol.


Detoxify Bar (2/F Techno Plaza 2, Eastwood City, Libis, QC) is only three months old, but the all-organic juice bar has been drawing health buffs and wannabe health buffs. It’s easy to see why.


While “detox” has become the catchphrase of the year, intriguing even the most stubborn meat-eater, its meaning is lost on many consumers—especially given the many products with spurious claims.


The owners of Detoxify Bar aim to educate customers, through classroom-trained, knowledgeable staff.


Their efforts are paying off.


It’s gaining a growing list of loyal customers, including Aubrey Miles, Lovi Poe, Solenn Heussaff, Jennylyn Mercado, Kevin Tan and wife Michelle, Bing Loyzaga, Judy Ann Santos, Heart Evangelista, Troy Montero, Luke Mejares, Francine Prieto, Eric “Eruption” Tai and a host of basketball players.


JOY TORRES, proprietor of Detoxify Bar

Detoxify Bar uses 100-percent pure, organic vegetable extracts—no water or coconut water added. The veggies are bottled as they’re ordered, juiced right in front of the customer, so you won’t see stacked bottles in a fridge.


“I have nothing against people who add coconut juice in their products. The buko juice itself is healthy. But coconut juice already has preservatives that it won’t last for weeks in the grocery shelves. If we add that, it will destroy our all-natural concept,” said Joy Torres, proprietor of Detoxify Bar.


Joy and husband Paul started juicing in 2009 when their 10-year-old son was diagnosed with a congenital heart condition. The boy was instructed by the family physician to boost his vegetable intake. But, like most children, he refused to eat veggies. The couple searched for a solution until they stumbled upon vegetable juicing.


Their first attempts at juicing tasted like grass, Joy said, laughing; their son refused to take more than a sip.


“Our children, now both teenagers and athletes, are our taste-testers. If they love it, chances are everyone will do, too,” said Joy.


SALMON fillet

Her son’s condition has since stabilized; Joy, a severe asthmatic patient on a regular dose of steroids, has not been taking medication since she started juicing, detoxifying and losing 30 pounds in eight weeks.


Joy’s soccer-mom friends began asking about her secret formula after noticing her weight loss. She started taking orders, but only until she was sure her friends knew what detox was, what to expect, how to prepare for pre-detox and post-detox stages.


“Like we always say, don’t aim to be skinny; aim to be healthy. This is a detox diet that will flush out toxins from your body, not a quick weight-loss formula. Losing weight is just one of its side effects. Like a car, you have to overhaul your system and treat your body to a well-deserved vacation. The best part about detox is cleansing your liver and kidney,” said Paul.


A bottle of juiced vegetable is packed with micronutrients six times more than regular food; and because they’re in liquid form, up to 90 percent are absorbed by the body, Paul said. Consuming five bottles a day supplies the body with enough nutrients for the day.


For those who want to lose weight, it means not cutting down on nutrients even if one is on a low-calorie diet. The intention for detox may not be weight loss, but it is an excellent way of jump-starting a diet or a healthier lifestyle.


When the body is purged of toxins, the risk of developing degenerative diseases is decreased. Detoxifying promotes a healthy liver, an efficient digestive system, improved micronutrient absorption and a cleansed colon.


CHICKEN pesto panini with organic basil tomato. PHOTOS BY AUGUST DELA CRUZ

Reported positive effects, said Joy, includes weight loss, clearer skin, lower and stabilized blood pressure, and improved memory and concentration.


There are four juice flavors offered by Detoxify Bar that are carefully formulated by its resident nutritionist: Green Vegan Detox, Red Vegan Detox, Minty Berry Detox and Lemon Detox (similar to Master Cleanse formula, with spicy hot cayenne pepper). For those who want juices customized, there’s My Mashup Detox.


The website,, has a list of recommended vegetables and benefits. It also contains a wealth of information about detoxification, its juices, meals, and a blog for testimonials.


Green Vegan Detox is good for a week’s consumption of vegetables in a bottle. Loaded with vitamins and micronutrients, it is made of apple, cucumber, romaine lettuce, broccoli, celery, moringa (malunggay) and lemon. It is effective in ridding the body of toxins and restoring the system’s pH (potential hydrogen) balance to a healthy alkaline state.


CUSTOMERS of the bar enjoying their organic juices

“While broccoli and celery are very healthy food sources, too much of those is not good for you. They can cause high uric acid. Our Green Vegan Detox, however, is tested and safe, even up to 12 bottles every day,” Joy said.


The athlete’s favorite is Red Vegan Detox, designed for an active lifestyle by providing sustained high energy to fuel the body. It is made of apple, carrot, lemon, beet and cucumber. Apple combats fatigue; carrot boosts the immune system; lemon dissolves gallstones, calcium deposits, intestinal worms and kidney stones; beet is a good source of energy; and cucumber provides rehydration.


Each bottle of the juices costs P220. A detox program, which consists of five bottled juices, two organic tea bags and thermal bag, will cost P1,350 per day.


The organic tea bags are called Every Day Detox, which aids in flushing out toxins from the liver, and Smooth Move, a laxative that you take at bedtime so you can move bowel in the morning easily, said Joy.



Joy and Paul recommend a three-day detox program for first-timers. Many opt for five, and others go as long as 10 to 15 days.


There is an option to buy five bottles minus the thermal bag and tea bags at P1,100 or P1,180 with two organic tea bags. Shelf life, the couple said, is 24 to 48 hours. Delivery within Quezon City is P100; outside Quezon City is P150. Orders must be placed a day in advance.


The Detoxify Bar also has a short menu for meals, with entrées, salads, sandwiches and wraps, pastas and soups. All are organic, including cheeses and sour creams, save for the chicken and fish.


A second branch will open by the end of November at Tuscany, McKinley Hill, Taguig City. New flavors will also be introduced on its opening.




E-mail or call 9427105 and 5093652 for more info.

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