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“HOMAGE to Botticelli”

Roel Obemio pays homage to masters

“HOMAGE to Botticelli”
“Monalisa, Homage to Leonardo Da Vinci”

Roel Obemio pays tribute to Gustav Klimt, Sandro Botticelli, Henri Rousseau, Leonardo Da Vinci and Diego Rivera in “Homage,” which will open on Dec. 7 at Galerie Francesca in Alabang.


Volume is a device Obemio uses to lend weight and gravitas to his vision. He also uses volume to tinge his works with nostalgia.


Obemio has always talked about setting up a homage exhibition. In fact, he has done his own take on Klimt’s painting, the famous “The Kiss.” His approach has always been to adhere to form and palette, rather than anything headily conceptual.


Obemio’s “Homage to Jan Van Eyck” pays tribute to the Dutch painter, often thought of as the pioneer in using oil as a medium; whose late 14th-century work, “The Marriage of Arnolfini,” is a masterful and detailed depiction of the European (particularly Italian) upper classes.


“AFTER the Kiss, Homage to Gustav Klimt

Obemio takes this painting and renders it in his well-known volumic aesthetic, while retaining the attention to detail that’s the hallmark of a Van Eyck.


Obemio’s version, however, lends a bit of playfulness to the somber treatment of Van Eyck.


Galerie Francesca is at Unit 2B-3B, Treasure Trove, 3/L, Festival Supermall, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. Call 6592667; e-mail [email protected]

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