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What Should Be Done


Mandate a thorough training of MMDA officers and instill in them more discipline before they get deployed at Edsa. Educate traffic enforcers to ensure that when they catch a traffic violator, they have to move the car to the rightmost lane and not interrogate the violator right smack in the middle of the road. Motorcycles, too, should not be allowed to ply Edsa. Introduce and encourage carpooling during peak hours, 7-9 a.m., 5-7 p.m.

Reduce the number of buses.  Relocate all bus terminals that still operate on Edsa to smaller roads; revive the central terminals from north to south to prevent provincial buses from entering the city.

Ban scooters. Add green “eco walls” along the side walls of under- and overpasses to anchor plants that can detox the polluted air of the highway.

Provide an alternate train route to ease the Cubao choke point. A Cubao-Pasay express train route perhaps? Improve the public transport system with modern mass transit rail lines and more trains

Promote alternative areas for business to decongest EDSA of people using it to go to their work. And notify the public in advance about road works—and finish the road works on schedule.

Regulate outdoor advertising, which can be distracting to motorists.

Have the government own the buses, because it would be unfair to give the bus franchise only to the top two bidders. If buses are government-owned, it can regulate the schedules of their arrival and departure, which would teach Filipinos to stick to a schedule.

Cut down on bus permits or franchises. Enforce pick-up and drop-off points strictly, with time limits. Place trash bins in strategic places (the type that can’t be stolen) to encourage people not to litter.

Add more road signs and improve their visibility. Assign roving patrols to deter juvenile delinquents and snatchers. Add more foot bridges and improve bus waiting areas so the passengers don’t spill out on the street. Citizens must also stop bribing traffic police to get out of a fix. Any traffic policeman who accepts money in lieu of giving a ticket should be terminated.

Establish motorcycle lanes, remove jeepneys along Edsa, add another monorail or train track, and clear exit and entry points of traffic.

Put mass transit on C5, which is a parallel north-south connector for Metro Manila. Currently, public transit plying C5 is all colorum.

Use technology to identify traffic-violating buses. In critical areas, install CCTV cameras that can zoom in on vehicle plates. Also, empower motorists to submit photos or videos of unruly vehicles that cut lanes.