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OCTOBER 27, 2022


MANILA, Philippines – With doll-like eyes and a quirky personality, it was no surprise that many fans of America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) took an immediate liking to Allison Harvard.

The 26-year old model, who finished second in both the12th cycle and All-Star season of ANTM, further delighted Filipino fans when she decided to host Mega Fashion Crew (MFC) Reloaded.

Living in the Philippines for three months now, the blonde stunner says she has “pretty much moved in(to)” the country.

We can expect to see more of her in the future, she said during an exclusive interview with

On the other side of the fence

Fresh from a make-up session and in-between takes of the Mega Fashion Crew show, Allison sauntered into the set area where both staff and contestants were hanging out. Pulling out a bag of chips, she went around, offering it to some of the crew.

Unassuming and soft-spoken was our first impression of the girl who once gained notoriety as “Creepy chan,” after a haunting self portrait of her became an Internet meme.

The world came to know her more, especially her soft and fun side, after she became a finalist of America’s Next Top Model.

Nowadays, Allison is on the other side of the fence, as host, judge and mentor of aspiring fashion experts.

“It’s been really, really amazing,” she said of her experience as ANTM contestant and now host of MFC Reloaded.

“I feel like I have a unique perspective on the show and I can sympathize with the contestants because I know what they are going through,” Allison said.

The 5’10” tall beauty said she’s very proud to be part of MFC.

“What’s really incredible is the amount of talent here. And what’s really fresh about it is that it’s not (just) for show…We’re really trying to prepare the crew for the real world. And they are learning real things,” she said, pointing out that a number of the previous contestants were actually working with them on the set.

While still looking every bit like the blue-eyed doll-like model that ANTM fans loved, the Allison who faced us seemed more mature, graceful and confident. The way she critiques contestants of MFC shows her transformation from an aspiring model to a fashion maven.

Asked if she’s easy or hard on the contestants, she said, “I’m honest. And I think that’s the best that you can do for anyone…I don’t think lying to anyone is beneficial in the long run.”

“So Suki and I try our best to give constructive criticism and we just give examples of what could be a better outcome for next time. But we’re pretty tough,” she said of her experience with Suki Salvador, fellow host and MEGA creative director.

Suki recently flew to the United States to shoot Tyra Banks, host of ANTM, for the cover of MEGA. It was during that time that the popular fashion model congratulated Allison on her work.

“She told Suki that she’s proud of me and she sends her love and so that’s really, really awesome,” Allison gushed.

Location: Philippines

For the past months, Allison has made the Philippines her home.

She arrived in October last year before the MFC launch.

“Honestly, thank God for the internet. I don’t know what people did before that. I Skype with my family. I chat with my family every day,” she said.

Asked about feeling homesick, she said, “Even if I do miss home I have a once in a lifetime chance to be able to be in my 20s and to be working and living in another country and I think that’s something super special.”

In the meantime, Allison has made friends with Suki and the production staff of Mega.

“I love the production team that works on MFC. Me and Suki have gotten close. I have friends here from before the show so I have been able to build new friendships,” she said.

She has also been to Baguio and Marinduque, among other places in the country.

“Baguio is so much fun. I love Baguio. Really good ube there,” Allison said, recalling the taste of Baguio’s famous ube or purple yam.

When she’s at home though, Allison pursues her love for arts through painting.

“I brought watercolor and paint. So I draw and paint,” she said.

She shares some of her works, which can mostly be described as dream-like and surreal, on social media.

A lot to offer

Even before modelling, Allison has been into arts and photography. At one point she worked as art director.

“I love photography and I love building sets for different shoots and things,” she said.

“I just I really think it’s phenomenal that there’s so many creative outlets you can throw yourself into if you wanted there,” Allison added.

Recently, a limited edition line of shirts featuring her photographs was launched.

“Yeah as far as future plans go, I’m gonna be very open minded. I’m excited for future projects. I want to keep working in television. And I just wanna keep being productive creatively,” Allison said.

Her fans will be excited to learn that she has recently signed a five-year contract with a local talent management group.


“I signed with Arnold (Vegafria) of ALV (Talent Circuit) and (they will be my) exclusive in Asia with the option for US and international representation. So I’m going to work here lots and lots and around Asia,” she said.

Allison said she’s going to have a “completely open mind for 2014” when it comes to work.

Advice for women

The young host was modest in receiving compliments from fans.

“That’s so sweet. I’m really like a scatter-brained person but that’s really, really flattering…I’m super flattered getting compliments like that about my eyes and things but just look around there’s so much beauty here already,” she said in response to comments on how beautiful she is.


Allison, who was given the brand “unique” during the All-Stars season of ANTM, said confidence was a process of “experimenting and finding out who you are.”


“You might go through phases that you wish you could erase or you wish you could keep private and I think that’s just part of your journey,” she said.


“I think the most important thing to remember is to…as cheesy as it sounds…be true to the person that you are and I think confidence will come naturally,” Allison added.