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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Oftentimes, relying on yourself is best, especially when it comes to knowing what is compatible with your lifestyle, needs, inclinations and preferences. Just because someone in authority recommends a regimen doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right one for you.

Do you realize that the benefits of a good massage can release your tensions, soothe the senses and calm the body as well as the mind?

While many spa enthusiasts espouse the goodness of a firm deep tissue treatment, others may end up with bruises. In this case, it is wise to know your body. People who easily bruise may have a) fine, thin skin; b) anemia or borderline anemia; c) over-loading on vitamin E, a blood thinner.

The recommended dosage for Vitamin C is anywhere from 200-300 mg daily. A preventive trend nowadays is to consume 1,000 mg up to 3,000 daily to boost the immune system. For some, these high dosages of Vitamin C should be in the form of calcium ascorbate or ester-C as opposed to sodium ascorbate, which may raise your sodium levels. Hypertensives, take note.

However, the good thing about vitamin C is that it is water-soluble. You can flush it out of your system by simply drinking water. In others, high dosages may increase frequency of urination. So, try to adjust to what feels comfortable for you.


Note that all strokes should be done using the flat hand. Put your fingers together, palms down. Or, without using your fingernails, bunch your fingers together.

All strokes must begin lightly, slowly building up to a firm pressure.

Massage movements must lead towards the heart. This pushes the blood around the circulatory system and not against it.

Warm your hands. Build up the healing energy by rubbing your hands together.

Be relaxed when massaging yourself.

To make the self-rub easier, use virgin coconut oil and not mineral oil. Other skin-beneficial oils are apricot, avocado and olive.

Regularly massaging yourself can speed up your detoxification.

Quick facelift

Place the pads of your fingers together and press gently on your face. Simultaneously, massage in circular motion from the chin up towards your temples and forehead. Continue with the strokes towards the neck and over the front of the chest in small and then large circles. This stroke quickly releases any tension. The effect is immediate relief and lightness of being.

Shoulder, lower back relief

Place your warm hand flat on your lower arm. With long, firm stokes, move upward over the shoulder.

For the lower back, stand naked with your legs shoulder-width apart. Gently place your hands on your hips with fingers in front and thumbs on your back.

Now press thumbs firmly into the sides of your spine and use the circular motion to release tightness due to stress.

Cleansing salad

Who says you cannot eat a five-star salad at home?

• 3 chopped radishes

• 1 red pepper shredded

• 1 yellow pepper

• Strips of cucumber

• ¼ cup grated carrots

• Green or red cabbage—shredded


• 1 tsp black pepper

• 1/4 tsp sea salt

• 1 spoon lime juice

• 2 tbsp olive oil

• Mix crushed sardines (optional)

• Serve with a chilled glass of apple juice

This salad will cleanse you and boost your immune system.


“I live and breathe beauty!”

Love and light!

Reference: “Detox Yourself,” by Jane Scrivner

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