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‘I forgot I bought a ticket,’ says $324M winner of Mega Millions lotto jackpot

MANILA, Philippines – The winner of one of the biggest lottery jackpots in history, Steve Tran, didn’t even know he had bought a ticket.

It was 3 a.m.when Steve suddenly woke up from his sleep, having gotten an epiphany: “Wait a second, I played Mega Millions, did I have the winning numbers?” He proceeded to fumble around the many old lottery tickets he kept on his dresser until he found it: The winning ticket, making him an extremely wealthy man.

Tran, like many of the big winners of lottery jackpots and casino jackpots alike before him, will now have a life full of decisions such as “what car should i buy today?”, where should I go on vacation for the next few years?”, “where should I go island-shopping?” or “is 10 mansions really enough?”

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