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ORANGE necktie with white diagonal stripes

Ties that bind at SM

ORANGE necktie with white diagonal stripes

From “The Great Gatsby” to “Mad Men,” neckties are making their way back into popular culture. The necktie used to be worn by men of higher status, and was an absolute must-have accessory for many years.


Throughout time, men’s fashion styles have become more relaxed, and widespread wearing of ties became a thing of the past, or something required only for formal events. However, recently, more and more men have been wearing ties.


Why is the necktie making such a big comeback? It could be because many television shows and films feature characters who wear a necktie and wear it well—think “Suits,” “Mad Men” and “White Collar.” More than that, wearing a tie can help people perceive you as a gentleman and help you achieve a more cohesive look. Another great thing about the necktie is it can make your look dressed up without being too dressy.


A man’s tie can say a lot about him. At SM Accessories, ties are cool and classic, with a modern touch. Fashion fades away, after all, but style is permanent. Here are some tie tips and trends from SM:


Color—Jewel-tone ties add a burst of color to your suit, exuding power and style.


Stripes—Stripes are the perfect choice for those who like to break the rules, mixing patterns in a fun and exciting way to amp up one’s style.

CLASSIC blue necktie from Wharton


A skinnier tie is best suited for a casual outfit. Wider neckties typically look out of place when worn with casual clothing.


Even for casual dressing, your tie should end at your belt line. The same rules apply for formal dressing.


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