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OCTOBER 27, 2022

GP Reyes and Andi Manzano. After two happy years, they vow “till death do us part” and seal the deal with a kiss amid cool Baguio air.
GP Reyes and Andi Manzano. After two happy years, they vow “till death do us part” and seal the deal with a kiss amid cool Baguio air.

Club owner and Century Properties creative director GP Reyes met the love of his life, beautiful radio DJ Andi Manzano, in the most modern of ways: Facebook.


GORGEOUS bride Andi Manzano Reyes

GP had always found Andi super attractive and unpretentious, so he tried to meet her through the traditional route by a “bridge”: Andi’s cousin, Lucky Manzano.


Lucky immediately called her up and said, “Hey, my friend GP has a crush on you, can I give him your number?”


Understandably Andi refused, because she didn’t even know who GP was at that time.

Luckily (pun intended), GP didn’t give up so easily. He quickly sent her a trés nice and proper message on Facebook:


“It started with ‘You don’t know me’ … but we can start with ‘Hi! I’m GP.’”

MR. AND Mrs. GP Reyes


They started a cyber friendship and, after a month, she agreed to meet him, palangga.


She said she would be at Barcino’s in Greenbelt 2 in Makati with her cousin. He arrived in a suit trying, he said, “to look debonair, suave and cool,” when, in fact, he was sweating all over because he was nervous and it was really hot.


Since then, they’ve been inseparable. He met her parents and they have traveled abroad almost every month for the last two years.


PARENTS of the bride Rose and Bobit Manzano with Andi and GP Reyes

“In spite of all evidence to the contrary,” Andi told moi, “true love does, indeed, exist and when you find it, it’s never hard. In fact, it feels so natural, instantaneous; it’s so automatic.”


Coming home from one of their many trips, GP proposed to Andi at the arrival area of Naia 3. As they walked out of the baggage carousel, one by one different singers began to surround Andi, until an entire flash mob were singing in chorus the song that Andi had sent to GP via YouTube when they started dating—“Marry Me” by Train.


GP then got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife, and she joyously said, “Yes!” Now if that ain’t love, what is, n’est ces pas?



ANDI and GP Reyes with mother of the groom Daisy Izon


GP and Andi chose to be wed in Baguio in part because it was one of the first places where they had dated out of town. So, it was some sort of a homecoming for them, a return to the scene of the crime, as it were.


Porsche fanatics, GP and his buddies drove up in various sports cars to the country’s summer capital, forming a fast and furious convoy up Kennon Road.


Before the wedding, Andi had a special bowling tournament for her friends, while GP organized the GPR golf cup for his buddies.


Aprés, the couple hosted a rehearsal dinner for members of the entourage and sponsors at the Hilltop restaurant the evening before the big day.


PRINCIPAL sponsors Mike Toledo and Mari Escano, Bonito Singson and Maria Isabel Carag Dario, Jacques Dupasquier and Angie Cadungog

And then at 2 p.m. the following day, a wonderful and truly emotional ceremony was held at St. Joseph’s church as GP, escorted by his mother, beautiful Daisy Izon, and his four brothers Paul, Jappy, Chuck and Francis, waited at the altar.


The radiant bride walked down the aisle escorted by her good-looking parents, Bobit and Rose Manzano.


Surrounded by gorgeous blooms, the couple exchanged “I do’s” and kissed to the wild, er, I mean wild applause of all their friends and kin.


SECONDARY sponsors Ivan Zalameda and Cat Arambulo-Antonio, Marco Antonio and Tina Tinio, Matt Lim and Celine Gabriel-Lim

Sponsors were Iñigo Zobel, Ambassador Jose E.B. Antonio, Louie Ysmael, Jacques Dupasquier, Ricardo Po, Mike Toledo and Bonito Singson.


Godmothers were Maria Luisa Alvendia, Angie Cadungog, Mae Corcuera, Maria Isabel Carag Dario, Ma. Paz Regina Escano, Christina Manzano and Angelita Serrano.


Groomsmen were GP’s pals Erik Cua, Jigger Antonio, Stephen Ku, Miguel Manzano, Kevin Tan, Romeo Cucueco, Manolet Dario, Lito Serrano and Rico Serrano.


Bridesmaids were Reg King, Ces Olondriz, Margaux Reyes-Yao, Maybel Cabrera, Ida Gomez, Monique Jamlang and Jessica Mendoza.

CES Olondriz, Margaux Izon-Yao, Jessica Mendoza, Regine King, Monique Jamlang, Ida Gomez, Maybel Cabrera

Secondary sponsors were Matt Lim, Celine Gabriel, Ivan Zalameda, Cat Arambulo, Marco Antonio and Tina Tinio, who jetted in from Tokyo for the grand day.


Ring bearer was AJ Yao; Bible bearer, Asher Antonio; coin bearer, Devon Antonio; rosary bearer, Pablo Manzano; and flower girl, Missy Ysmael.


The glorious reception for 300 guests followed at the prestigious Baguio Country Club, dahlings. Guests were rolling out of their seats because of the uproarious toasts and speeches in praise (or grilling?) of the lovebirds, palangga.


Next was a mini concert from Andi’s tito Gary Valenciano. Then the top DJs of Republiq, Opus and Privé  had the guests dancing till early morning. Would you believe that the high-gear party was such that it ended with the sun actually melting the thick of fog that covered Baguio? Now, that was high-adrenaline party that was hard to beat, dahlings.


Truly it was a magical weekend—a grand celebration of love and romance.


Cheers to my two palangga! May their Valentine’s last forever!