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OCTOBER 27, 2022

A Filipina doctor of medicine, whom we shall call Dr. Josie, wrote from Germany about some psychic experiences that have been bothering her, and for which she has been looking for some rational explanation.


“I have been searching for an explanation of bilocation incidents when I came across an article of yours in  Philippine Daily Inquirer.


“A friend sent me a message on Facebook that her mom saw me in Singapore last weekend (her e-mail was dated Dec. 7, 2013) but I was in Germany at the time. I was meditating until I fell asleep.


“I heard about this myth called the doppelganger, which in German has a bad meaning. There is an old saying that if a person’s double is seen, then he or she is going to die. Is this true? How can you explain it?


“I am a doctor of medicine, and science does not believe in such paranormal stuff. But in 2010, I met a psychic from whom I sought advice because I have been seeing a ghost in my sleep, and it feels real.


“Sometimes I see my body; I would walk and see the ghost. He would even sometimes bother me. This happens when I am about to wake up. He would physically push my long hair when sleeping during breaks in our duties.


“Such incidents disappeared when my mentor told me to pray. Last year, I was at my lowest point. I came across a spiritual healer who made me understand why I can read people’s minds (not literally, but I seem to know their intentions). Also, I find people to be magnetically drawn to me. She told me this is because I am an ‘empath.’


“So I started searching and meditating and somehow, now I have awakened to this whole cosmic thing. I would like to know your views about bilocation, I would like to attend one of your seminars when I get back to the Philippines.”


Dear Dr. Josie,


Your experiences of seeing a ghost only means that your clairvoyant vision, popularly referred to as the third eye, is open. You are a psychic without being aware of it, and whether you like it or not.


Being a woman of science, you naturally would initially reject such an idea. But extra-sensory perception (ESP) or psychic powers are real, and there are now so many clinically proven studies and experiments on this subject which have been conducted by reputable scientists under scientifically controlled conditions.




The most extensive of such studies include the three decades of experiments on ESP conducted by Dr. J.B. Rhine of Duke University in North Carolina, from the late ’30s to the mid ’60s. The term “extrasensory perception” or ESP was popularized by and has been associated with Dr. Rhine, although he was not the one who first coined the term.


Then there was the 20-year-study of Remote Viewing conducted by physicists, doctors Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff, at the former Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, California, proving that we can project our consciousness to a far place we have never been to before, and describe it accurately.


There is also the ongoing study on telekinesis under controlled laboratory conditions by Dr. Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne at Princeton University, which began more than 10 years ago. There are still many more studies I can cite here, but the above will suffice to show that there is scientific proof for psychic powers.


Bilocation, or being in two places at the same time, is not really as rare a phenomenon as people may think. There have been many documented cases of people being seen in two different places at the same time. Many saints of the Catholic Church have been seen and documented in Church records to have bilocated, the most well known of whom are St. Padre Pio and Don Bosco. But many ordinary people have also been seen in two places at the same time.


The reason bilocation happens is because one’s astral body, which is the spiritual double of one’s physical body, can detach itself and travel elsewhere. When this astral body is seen by another in another place, then we say that he has bilocated.


Bilocation should not be confused with teleportation. In bilocation, a person is seen or appears in two different places at the same time. In teleportation, the person disappears physically in one place and simultaneously appears in another place.


There are several documented cases of teleportation in the history of parapsychology, I have myself encountered two cases of teleportation related to me by highly credible witnesses.


A doppelganger, in general, refers to “any person that physically or perhaps behaviorally resembles another person.”  It comes from the German word meaning “a double” or a “look-alike.”


The concept of having a double is of very ancient origin. In ancient Egyptian mythology, for example, there is a belief that every person possesses a double called the “Ka,” which separates from the physical body at the time of death.


This is probably what gave rise to the modern fear that seeing one’s double signifies imminent death. This is not true at all. It is simply a case of bilocation or astral projection.


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