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Gifts that would last a lifetime

Men everywhere rack their brains on what to give their significant other on special occasions.


The usual gifts would be flowers, chocolates, perfumes, bags, candlelit dinner. But when the blooms have wilted and the sweet treats have been eaten, what’s really left to remind her of your undying love?


Women want a gift that says, “I’ve put some thought and effort into this.” They want an expression of affection, something that holds significance and meaning. Although grand and pricey would be nice, it’s certainly not always the most important thing.


Find a present that speaks volumes for your girlfriend, fiancee or wife through beautiful but affordable jewelry pieces from My Diamond.


Leave her speechless and make her feel special with a brilliant Illusion Set from the Dream Collection—a stunning line that boasts of illusion set diamond pieces such as drop earrings and heart-shaped pendants.


For those planning to propose marriage, make the moment sparkle with something that lasts forever. My Diamond’s workmanship shines bright in its classic round-cut diamond engagement ring. With certification and thorough assessment and evaluation by its in-house gemologist, you can be sure that these jewelry pieces will bring happiness to last a lifetime.


For that special lady who colors your world with her unique laugh or a distinct sense of style, how about some hued gemstones, such as pink sapphires that dazzle in a parade of white gold and diamond Creole earrings and rings?


Don’t procrastinate before deciding on getting her that gift. And when you do hand out that beautifully bowed box, make sure it holds something she will carry with her and treasure always.