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OCTOBER 27, 2022

THE SEXY Detox range consists of five regular and five premium juices.
THE SEXY Detox range consists of five regular and five premium juices.

Judging by the growing number of devotees who swear by its immediate benefits, juicing continues to be a popular way to ingest one’s recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables.


One of the new entrants to this burgeoning business is Sexy Detox, which started offering its line of freshly pressed juices only in November. The couple behind it is lawyer Reginald Tayag and Jessica Arsolon.


The idea to put up their own juicing business came from Arsolon who lost 10 pounds in two weeks through juicing alone. Tayag, who used to suffer from high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, was able to lower them significantly through regular juicing and exercise.


The couple worked with a nutritionist to come up with the five vividly colored juices that get their natural hues from fruits and vegetables. No artificial food coloring is used.


As a lawyer, Tayag also undertook his own research on the different health benefits of the fresh organic produce they receive twice weekly from a supplier in Baguio.


“The colors basically come from the fruits and veggies. When we group them together, it’s usually based on like colors,” he told Inquirer Lifestyle.


The Sexy Detox range consists of five regular and five premium juices.


Among the premium juices, Sexy Lemon addresses anemia, constipation, cough and cold, gout and weight loss. Citrus Sunshine helps eliminate uric acid and aids liver function, bladder and heart problems.


Hulk Green is for normal kidney function, insomnia, thread, skin and eye problems and high blood pressure. Grape Jolt aids rheumatism, stimulates muscles and nerves, high or low blood, and anxiety. Fast Red helps ease fatigue, bladder problems, circulatory weakness, kidney and skin ailments, asthma and ulcers.


The five premium juices were created to offer users a break, taste-wise.


At P218 per 350-ml bottle, each premium juice is P30 more expensive than the regular juice, which is priced at P188 each. Some of the premium juices contain cocoa, strawberries or almond milk.


“We need to go back to the basics of fresh fruits and vegetables. Nowadays, we seldom eat or drink fresh,” Tayag said.


“Enzymes from fresh produce jump-start the chemical reactions of our cells while phytochemicals are needed by our bodies to ward off sickness and boost our immune systems,” he added.


Asked what sets them apart from other groups offering practically the same lineup of juices, Tayag said they were priced lower than their counterparts who charge anywhere from P250-P350 per 350-ml bottle.


“I can’t stress enough that the colors of the juices are all-natural. Many of us were told when we were growing up to eat brightly colored fruits and vegetables, but since it’s difficult to do that when you have a stressful job or family life, juicing is the next best thing,” Tayag said.


Arsolon added that the juices were also a way to get finicky children to eat their vegetables. “Since we made sure that the juices also taste good, parents don’t have a hard time during mealtimes.”


Sexy Detox can deliver juice packages such as the One-Day Cleanse, Three-Day Detox and Five-Day Detox.


For inquiries, visit or find them on Facebook (Sexy Detox) or Instagram (@s_e_x_y_detox)

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